Martyn G3RFX, ZB2FX : CDXC Digest Editor : SK : 20 June 2014
Martyn G3RFX, CDXC Digest Editor, speaking at the CDXC AGM in July 2013. G3RFX/m parked at the CDXC Summer Social at G3NUG's QTH in July 2009. Martyn G3RFX at the RSGB HF  Convention in October 2006.
Martyn G3RFX hosted a CDXC Committee Meeting in Bristol once a year in August. Michael G7VJR with Martyn in Aug 10. Martyn G3RFX, Gordon G3USR, Jenny, Chris G3SVL, Jane, Tony G4LDL at the buffet lunch following the CDXC Meeting.
"This is the GB2RS news" : Martyn G3RFX was an RSGB Newsreader from Clifton, Bristol for many years. Martyn G3RFX's shack wall includes his own cards from ZB2FX, ZG2FX, ZB300FX, 8P9FX and PJ2/G3RFX.
Amateur Radio operators present at Martyn G3RFX's send-off from Christ Church, the Anglican parish church in Clifton, Bristol included :

Don G3BJ, Neville G3NUG, Tom G3OLB, John G3PQA, Roger G3SXW, Chris G3SVL, Phil G3SWH, Robin G3TKF, Nigel G3TXF, Gordon G3USR, John G3WKL, Ken G3XSJ, Alan G3XSV, Mark G4AXX, Tony G4LLQ, Dave G4NKT, John G4TRN, Dick G0XAY and Wilf M0WLF.

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