Roger G3SXW : 70th Birthday Dinner ..... Also see other Photo-Pages : 1970s 1980s 1990s
Roger G3SXW cuts his 70th Birthday Cake, with Jim G3RTE looking on. Ian G3WVG, John G4IRN, Nigel G3TXF, Roger G3SXW, Jim G3RTE, Cheryl/RTE, Kim/WVG, Janet/IRN and Anneliese/TXF.
Ian G3WVG and John G4IRN. Jim G3RTE, Cheryl/G3RTE, Kim/G3WVG, Janet/G4IRN and Anneliese/G3TXF.
Some glimpses of Roger G3SXW in earlier decades
Roger G3SXW, Dennis G3MXJ, Dave G4BUO and Cris G4FAM. Nigel G3TXF, Ron G6LX, Al G3FXB, Tony G4GML (son of G3DCV), Chris G4BUE, Stan G2DPY, Frank G3XBN, Roger G3SXW, Cris G4FAM, Louis G5RV and Dennis G3MXJ.
Roger G3SXW welcoming Richard G3RWL and Dale GU5CIA (K5MM) to an FOC Dinner with Lasse SM5GLC looking on. Roger G3SXW at an FOC Dinner in the early 80s.
Roger G3SXW operating as H44SX from the Solomons in 1991. Roger G3SXW on the way to Cocos Keeling VK9C in 2001.
A pipe smoking Roger G3SXW at an FOC Dinner in the 70s. Dennis G3MXJ and Roger G3SXW on Cocos Keeling VK9C. Roger G3SXW (en route Swaziland) outside Chris ZS6EZ's QTH in Pretoria in 1992.
Roger G3SXW operating GJ3SXW in CQ WW CW in November 1983. Roger G3SXW at an HF Contest Committee meeting including Alan G4DJX, Ron G6LX, Peter G3KDB, Chris SP5HS (visitor), Dave G4BUO, SWL Bob Treacher, Pru G0RWW, John G3FKM and SWL Malcolm Harrington.
Al G3FXB, ???? ???, Roger G3SXW and Dennis G3MXJ in G3MXJ's garden in Uckfield. Ian G3WVG, Roger G3SXW, Frank GJ4HSW and Bert GJ2LU in Jersey for CQWW CW.
Roger G3SXW makes a speech at an early 80s FOC Dinner next to two generation of Windles : Pete G3HVG and Bill G8VG. Roger G3SXW operating from the G4DAA/p caravan in Sussex in NFD in the early 80s.
A bow-tied Roger G3SXW with Bal DJ6SI at an FOC Dinner in the early 80s. Roger G3SXW and Don G3OZF deal with some important administrative matters during an HF Contest Committee meeting [?]
Roger G3SXW and Ian G3WVG at GI0AAA/p for NFD in 1996. Nigel G3TXF, Roger G3SXW and Ian G3WVG at GJ0AAA/p for NFD in 1998. Dennis G3MXJ and Roger G3SXW at GJ0AAA for CQWW CW.