April 2022 : Roger G3SXW goes QRT

Top CW-Operator, DX-peditioner and CW-Contester Roger Western G3SXW goes QRT...

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Roger G3SXW operating as SV9/G3SXW in Crete on his favourite mode CW, with an Elecraft K2 and an ETM keyer.   Operating as 9H3SX in Malta, again with a K2 radio, but with paper logging.  
pic 10 pic 2
Operating as TJ3G from Kribi in Cameroon.   Roger G3SXW as JW/G3SXW with his K2 operating from a somewhat cluttered desk in the JW5E club station on Svalbard.  

Our life-long friend and fellow Radio Amateur Roger G3SXW passed away on 22 April 2022.

Roger G3SXW was very well known worldwide as a superb CW-Operator, DX-peditioner and CW-Contester.

Here are some earlier photos of Roger G3SXW :

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Links to earlier photos of Roger G3SXW from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Roger G3SXW (with G3WVG and G3TXF) was a founder member of the Three As Contest Group (G0AAA).

Ian G3WVG wrote :

I first met Roger G3SXW on the radio in the late 60’s when I was GW3WVG in Wales. I remember being rather nervous during our first CW QSO, he was clearly a superb CW operator and I was new. I was petrified that he would ask me a question that I couldn’t copy!

Later when I moved up to London, through Nigel G3TXF, I got to meet Roger in person, and we became lifelong good mates.  Together with Den G3MXJ, Roger hit on the idea of G0AAA and calling ourselves the Three As Contest group.

Our first of many contests was NFD in 1985. One thing we discovered is that Roger most definitely didn’t like the cold, in fact he hated it. He would operate cocooned a sleeping bag wearing a bobble hat and thick gloves. As ever though his CW was perfect!  Clearly he was destined for future  travel to warmer climes.

Our first CQWW Contest trip as a group was to Alderney with antennas on a hotel roof, that weekend the hotel disco sound system pulsated to the sound of CQ Test.  Then a trip to Jersey (GJ0AAA) where a November storm wrecked all our antennas and to G0AAA/LX, the only accommodation on an empty campsite was a freezing ladies loo and it snowed! Clearly this November trip was pretty much the last straw for Roger and for CQWW he would soon go his own way (with the Voodoos), south to the sun.

Nigel G3TXF wrote :

Operating CW pile-ups on DX-peditions was Roger’s passion. For hours on end he could run huge, but always well managed pile-ups. He had an uncanny ability to pick out full calls correctly, no matter the size and raucousness of the pile-up. I travelled with Roger on CW DX-peditions on all six continents, ranging from Svalbard (JW) in the far north to Chatham Island (ZL7) in the south.

Only a few DX-peditioners have operated from Nauru (C21) even once, but Roger G3SXW managed to operate from there twice. Our first DX-pedition was to Tunisia in 1969 (3V8NC). Over the next forty years we operated from numerous DX locations, but always with CW as the focus. We developed a technique whereby with two stations running in parallel, Roger G3SXW would operate on the ‘normal’ bands and G3TXF would do the WARC Bands. Roger G3SXW was both a real master of CW DX-pedition operating and a life-long friend.

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