DX Travels with Roger G3SXW

During a period of over forty years Nigel G3TXF travelled with Roger G3SXW on all six continents ranging from Svalvard (JW) in the far north to Chatham Island (ZL7) in the south. CW DX operations were made from 34 countries, making a combined total of over 327,000 CW QSOs.

pic 10 pic 2
Roger G3SXW in transit en route to Nauru (C21).   On the way to St Pierre & Miquelon (FP).  
pic 10 pic 2
Cris G4FAM and Roger G3SXW on way to Swaziland (3DA).   Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF on Chatham Island (ZL7).  


1A0 SMOM 2007 G3SXW and G3TXF : part of 2007 1A0KM team
3D Swaziland 1992 3DA/G3SXW, 3DA/G3TXF and 3DA/G4FAM
3V Tunisia 1969 3V8NC : G3SXW and G3TXF
9H Malta 2006 9H3SX and 9H3TF
C2 Nauru 2006 C21SX and C21XF
C5 Gambia 1989 C56/G3SXW and C56/G3TXF
FH Mayotte 2000 FH/G3SXW and FH/G3TXF
FP St Pierre et Miquelon 2006 FP/G3SXW and FP/G3TXF
FW Wallis et Futuna 2000 FW/G3SXW and FW/G3TXF
FY French Guyana 2007 FY/G3SXW and FY/G3TXF
G England 1985 G0AAA/p : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
GD Isle of Man 1969 GD3TXF : G3SXW, G3TXF and F5QQ
GI Northern Ireland 1996 GI0AAA/p : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
GJ Jersey 1983 GJ3SXW : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
GM Scotland 2003 GM0AAA/p : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
GU Guernsey 1981 GU3SXW : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
GW Wales 1995 GW0AAA/p : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
H4 Solomon Islands 1991 H44SX, H44VG and H44XF
JW Svalbard 2007 JW/G3SXW and JW/G3TXF
KH2 Guam 2003 KH2/G3SXW and KH2/G3TXF
LX Luxembourg 1987 G0AAA/LX : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG
LY Lithuania 2007 G3SXW and G3TXF guest Ops at LY7A
OY Faeroes 2007 OY/G3SXW and OY/G3TXF
P2 Papua New Guinea 2004 P29SX and P29XF
S79 Seychelles 2000 S79SXW and S79TXF
SV5 Rhodes 2010 SV5/G3SXW and SV5/G3TXF
SV9 Crete 2010 SV9/G3SXW and SV9/G3TXF
TJ Cameroon 2004 TJ3G : G3SXW and G3TXF
V6 Micronesia 2003 V63SXW and V63TXF
VK9C Cocos Keeling 2001 VK9CXW, VK9CXJ (G3MXJ) and VK9CXF
XX9 Macao 1994 XX9TSX and XX9TXF
YK Syria 2008 YK9G : G3SXW, G3TXF, GM3YTS, G4BWP and G5LP
ZC4 SBA Cyprus 1992 ZC4SXW, ZC4TXF and ZC4FOC (GM3YTS)
ZL7 Chatham Island 2001 ZL7/G3SXW and ZL7/G3TXF