6m DXers (and one 6m novice!) meet at Paul G4CCZ's QTH : August 2009
Two 7-el 6m yagis stacked above a Stepp-IR. Kerry G0LCS, Paul G4CCZ and XYL Lynda. A neighbour's view of G4CCZ's antennas
David G3FPQ, Rod ZL3NW, Chris G4IFX, Peter G3ZSS, Kerry G0LCS, Chris G3WOS (hidden), Paul G4CCZ and Lynda. John G3PQA, Chris G4IFX, Peter G3ZSS, Kerry G0LCS (foreground), Paul G4CCZ and Chris G3WOS.
David G3FPQ, Rod ZL3NW (6m EME), John G3PQA, UKSMG Secretary Chris G4IFX and Six News Editor Peter G3ZSS. Peter G3ZSS, Nigel G3TXF (a beginner on 6m!), "What's on Six" columnist Kerry G0LCS and 6m expert Chris G3WOS. Foto: G3PQA
Click here to hear G3TXF's 6m QSO in June-09 with JL8GFB