14th GM-DX Convention - Saturday 16 April 2011
Justin G4TSH, Paul G4CCZ and Clive GM3POI arrive (from EDI Airport) at the GM-DX Convention venue just outside Stirling. The 2011 GM-DX Convention held on 16 April 2011 was the 14th in the series. Big attendance: 90 at Convention and 68 at Dinner.
Gordon G3USR and Justin G4TSH at the GM-DX Convention lunch-time bar in the King Robert Hotel. Lunchtime chat: Lionel G5LP, Ian G3WVG and Nigel G0VDZ tuck into a good meal before the DX presentations commence.
Colin GM0RLZ and Clive GM3POI outline some of the strategic problems with the unsuccessful DX0DX Spratly operation.
The GM-DX Convention attracts a large and attentive audience of DXers from both north and south of the G-GM border.
Chris DL1MGB gives an interesting and detailed presentation on the funding of major DX-peditions to rare locations based on ZL8X. John G3WGV and Gordon G3USR during the afternoon tea-break at the GM-DX Convention.
Rob GM3YTS (GM-DX Group President) hands round the tea-break biscuits to Don G3XTT, Justin G4TSH and Paul G4CCZ. Ronald PA3EWP talks about the challenges of operating the 2011 9Q50ON DX-pedition from the difficult location of Kinshasa.
Rob GM3YTS thanks Dietmar DL3DXX for his presentation on ZL8X Kermadec which included fascinating operating statistics. Gavin GM0GAV and Drew GM3YOR at the GM-DX Convention raffle. [Curiously ... the star raffle prize was win by Rob GM3YTS.]
"Mine's a G&T ... thanks" Roger G3SXW, Ian G3WVG and Paul G4CCZ at pre GM-DX Convention Dinner drinks. Mugs for the speakers: Ronald PA3EWP, Chris DL1MGB, Clive GM3POI, Roger G3SXW, Dietmar DL3DXX and Colin GM0RLZ.
Neil G6MC, Rag LA5HE, Andy G3AB, John G3LZQ, Steve G3VMW were on Table 1 during the GM-DX Convention Dinner. Tom GM4FDM with a copy of the "ZL8X Kermadec Photo Collection" book presented by Chris DL1MGB.
Ian G3WVG, Andy GM4JR, Cris GM4FAM were part of the GM-DX Dinner Quiz "Table 2" winning team (two quizzes out of three!) Neil G0JHC and Rag LA5HE out in the bright Scottish sunshine on the morning after the GM-DX Convention.
Paul G4CCZ and Rag LA5HE with the small two-door Fiat 500 which waits to take four big DXers back to Edinburgh Airport! Justin G4TSH and Ian G3WVG await the flight back to London after another excellent GM-DX Convention weekend.
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