17th GM-DX Convention - Saturday 12 April 2014
Don G3XTT, Michael G7VJR, Roger G3SXW, John G3WGV and Clive GM3POI arriving at the 2014 GM-DX Convention. Lionel G5LP and Nick G3RWF at the GM-DX Convention: It was a recond attendance [89] at this year's GM-DX presentations.
Michael G7VJR - "Mr Club Log", Alan 5B4AHJ "Club Log DX Database Manager" and African traveller Nick G3RWF. Club Log Presentation : Michael G7VJR outlined the latest developments and Alan 5B4AHJ described the ongoing research.
Ian GM3SEK, Mike GM3PPE, Neil G0JHC and Rob GM3YTS at the registration area for the 2014 GM-DX Convention.
Club Log : Rob GM3YTS's entry for A35V (Chris GM3WOJ) was used by way of illustration. A35V/A35X were QRV at the time.
"This is what a VDA looks like!" A practical demo by Don G3XTT of the 10m Vertical Dipole Array successfully used at TX6G. Don G3XTT describes the recent TX6G 73,800 net QSO operation from Raivavae in the Austral Islands (FO/a).
Malcom GM3TAL and Nick G3RWF outside the King Robert Hotel (GM-DX venue). Note GM4VGR's Moxon beam in the background. Les SP3DOI, George GM0IIO (KQ8Z) and Ralph K0IR.
Geoff MM5AHO chairs the day's activites as well as the dinner at the 2014 GM-DX Convention. There were 60 at the Dinner. Ralph K0IR receives a quaich for his excellent presentation on the recent highly acclaimed FT5ZM operation from Amsterdam Island.
Martin G3ZAY wins the top GM-DX Convention raffle prize which is presented by Justin G0KSC of InnovAntennas. Rob GM3YTS receives (from GM4FDM) the RSGB's Jack Wyllie Trophy, awarded for the promotion of Amateur Radio in Scotland.
Krystyna SP3HDB (xyl Les SP3DOI) with Rob GM3YTS who had just been awarded the RSGB's Jack Wyllie Trophy. Three GMs from across Scotland: Ed GM0WED (Orkney), Mike GM3PPE (Borders) and Tom GM4FDM (Glasgow).
Top English DXers (Don G3XTT and Martin G3ZAY) travel North to attend the GM-DX Convention held annually near Stirling. John G3WGV, Ian GM3SEK, Bob 5B4AGN, Roger G3SXW, Neil G0JHC and Jim G3RTE with coffee cups after GM-DX Dinner.
Gavin GM0GAV, Paul G4CCZ and Rob GM3YTS at the GM-DX Convention Dinner. Ian G3WVG and Paul G4CCZ descend from the carpark "Pod" at Heathrow T5 after another excellent GM-DX Convention weekend.
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