18th GM-DX Convention - Saturday 11 April 2015
Jim G3RTE and Neil G0JHC at the 2015 GM-DX Convention held near Stirling. Cheers all round at the well-attended GM-DX Convention Dinner: xyl G3YBY, Chris G3SVL and Ian G3YBY (F5VKT).
Table 8 (John G3WKL, Clive GM3POI, Col MM0NDX, Jeremy EI5GM, Dave EI9FBB and Geoff MM5AHO) tuck into Haggis Tart. Henk ON4AHF, Nigel G3TXF and Ronald PA3EWP exchange QSLs at the 2015 GM-DX Convention. (Photo : thanks Neil G0JHC)
Rob GM3YTS awards GM-DX mugs to Henk ON4AHF and Ronald PA3EWP for their excellent presentation on EP6T.
Stone me. CDXC Chairman Chris G3SVL wins the auction for a small rock from Navassa Island (K1N) presented by Glenn W0GJ.
Martin G3ZAY uses a map to explain local geography to Glenn W0GJ: "You see.. Scotland is this bit on the end of England." . Black pudding breakfast at the GM-DX Convention : Hilary G4JKS (holding a ZD9XF QSL) and Don G3BJ.
Top GM DXer Rob GM3YTS, Sheree and Willee GM4ZNC at the 18th GM-DX Convention Dinner. G3TXF is awarded 2015 GM-DX Group "DX Award of Excellence" for handing out a few contacts as ZD9XF from Tristan da Cunha.
Jim GM0NAI, Steve G3VMW and Alan G3XAQ discuss DX-ing and DX-peditions ("where you going next?") at GM-DX breakfast. The King Robert Hotel in Bannockburn, near Stirling has been the venue for the GM-DX Convention for many years.
Two GM DX-ers : Drew GM3YOR from Greenock and Hans GM4SSA from Shetland. GM-DX Breakfast DX chatter : Paul G4CCZ, Martin G3ZAY, Ian G4IIY, Neil G0JHC and RSGB President John G3WKL.
Dave EI9FBB receives mug for his highly amusing account of the "fool-proof planning" that went into the PJ7PK new-IOTA operation. Vivien KL7YL and Glenn W0GJ (K1N Navassa lecturer) travelled the furthest to attend the 2015 GM-DX Convention.
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