19th GM-DX Convention - Saturday 9 April 2016 : 100 day-time attendees and 80 for the GM-DX Dinner
Tom GM4FDM at the well attended GM-DX Convention. TX7EU Marquesas was one of the presentations at GM-DX.
Adam MM0KFX explains all about the YOTA program André GM3VLB and Ken GM0AXY
Mark M0UTD, Gordon MM0COR and Adam MM0KFX.
Ronald PA3EWP and Allan GM4ZUK.
Malcolm GM3TAL, Ian G3WVG and Stewart GM4AFF. Don G3XTT and Chris G3SVL.
Ian G3WVG with a camera-shy Hans GM4SSA. Ray G4FON, Rob GM3YTS and Drew GM3YOR.
Ray G4FON, Chris G3SVL and Paul G4CCZ. The GM-DX raffle raised over £900.
Phil GM0LIR and Richard GI4DOH from Belfast. Gordon G3USR and Dave EI9FBB.
Ian GM3SEK and Allan GM4ZUK. John MM0JOM and Stewart GM4AFF
Regular GMDX-Convention photographer : Willie GM4ZNC Regular GMDX-Convention attendee : Terry GM3WUX Dave EI9FBB gave an amusing presentation on the S79C IOTA trip.
Keith GM4YXI and Don G3XTT. Chris GM3WOJ shows Clive GM3POI and Ian G3WVG an FOC history book from the collection of Cris GM4FAM (SK).
Ray G4FON and Roger G3SXW. Tom GM4FDM, Ronald PA3EWP and Joe DL4CF.
Andy G3AB, Kai MM1AUF and George GM8YUI. George GM8YUI, Dick PA3FQA, Don G3XTT and Tom GM4FDM.
Tom GM4FDM receives the prestigious Jack Wylie trophy from Rob GM3YTS for his long time service in support of DX, including being the RSGB GM4 QSL Sub Bureau Manager for many years. Ronald PA3EWP receives the GM-DX Award of Excellence for services to the DX community from Rob GM3YTS.
Dave EI9FBB, John G4IRN, Mark M0DXR and Tom GM4FDM collect their GM-DX Convention speaker mugs. A Kenwood banner including the signatures of all those attending the GM-DX Dinner is auctioned off for £40.
Ray G4FON, John G4IRN celebrates Janet's winning the Kenwood GM-DX Convention all-signatures banner auction Ian G4IIY, Niel G0JHC, Dave G3NKC, Jan xyl/G3NKC, Jan MJ3JBQ and Phil GJ4CBQ
Mark M0DXR, Georgina and Roger G3SXW Kerry G8VR and Iain M0PCB
Julie xyl/G3USR, Jenny xyl/G3SVL, Janet xyl/G3YBY, Ian G3YBY, Chris G3SVL, Gordon G3USR and David G3WGN. Stewart GM4AFF, Rob GM3YTS, Chris GM3WOJ, Keith GM4YXI, Jim GM0NAI and Hans GM4SSA.
Dave MM0EAX, Col MM0NDX, Colin GM0RLZ, John MM0CCC, Clive GM3POI, Dave EI9FBB, Padraic EI5IX and Jerry EI5GM. George GM0IIO (KQ8Z), Sheree, Martin GM8IEM, Aileen xyl/GM8IEM and Rob GM3YTS.
Christine GM4YMM, Rodger GM3JOB, Willie GM4ZNC, Iris xyl/GM4ZNC, Colin G3PSM, Gwen G4JYL and Ken GM0AXY. Jim GM0NAI and Chris GM3WOJ.
Ronald PA3EWP and Dick PA3FQA at the GM-DX Breakfast Ian GM3SEK, Richard GI4DOH, Amanda xyl/GI4DOH and Nadine MM0WNW.
Janet and John G4IRN at the GM-DX Breakfast Paul G4CCZ at the King Robert Hotel in Bannockburn
"Right ... so who was it that scraped my car in the hotel car park?" Ian G3WVG skillfully applies some T-Cut before handing back his hire car at Edinburgh airport! The King Robert Hotel venue of the GM-DX Convention is right next door to The Battle of Bannockburn (1314) Museum.
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