20th GM-DX Convention - Saturday 1 April 2017 : 97 day-time attendees and 64 for the GM-DX Dinner
The GM-DX Convention is held in the King Robert Hotel.... ... adjacent to the Battle of Bannockburn memorial.
Ian G3WVG, Peter G3ZSS and Paul G4CCZ arrive for lunch. Lionel G5LP provides DXCC Card Checking at GM-DX.
Nick G3RWF and Hans GM4SSA discuss the GZ/MZ prefix !
Chris G3SVL gives an interesting presentation on ZL7G.
The EI DX Group recently operated as 9N7EI from Nepal. Spotted in the car-park : "S9 DXR" = DX-World/mobile.
Rob GM3YTS welcomes visitors to the GM-DX Convention. Chris G3SVL and Olof G0CKV with Chris's VHF raffle prize.
John G3WGV demonstrates his "SDR with knobs on" Dave EI9FBB gave an interesting lecture on 9N7EI from Nepal.
GM-DX Convention guests sit down for dinner... ... the GM-DX multi-course / multi-glass dinner menu.
Chris G3SVL, Lionel G5LP, Jan/G5LP and Bob 5B4AGN. GM-DX Convention regulars : Roger G3SXW and John G3WGV.
Jim GM4VGR's QTH and Moxon beam is right next to the GM-DX hotel. John G3WGV discusses his "SDR with knobs on" control panels. The Bannockburn memorial is next to the location of the GM-DX Convention.
John G3WKL and Stuart M0SAR. Chris G3SVL and Nigel G3TXF receive a GM-DX quaiche from Rob GM3YTS for the 2016 ZL7G Chatham Island DX-pedition.
Dave EI9FBB receives GM-DX trophy quaiche from Rob GM3YTS. An all-GM Table : Jim GM0NAI, Alan GM4ZUK, Stewart GM4AFF, John MM0JOM (GM3A) and Chris GM3WOJ.
Paul G4CCZ, Clive GM3POI and Peter G3ZSS. Rob GM3YTS, chairman of GM-DX.
Joe DL4CF and Ian GM4KLN. Rob GM3YTS, Beryl/5B4AHJ and Alan 5B4AHJ.
RSGB President Nick G3RWF, Paul G4PVM and DXCC Card-Checker Lionel G5LP at the GM-DX Convention. The King Robert Hotel, Bannockburn : the GM-DX Convention venue for many years.
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