21st GM-DX Convention - Saturday, 14 April 2018 : 92 Convention attendees and 70 for the GM-DX Dinner

This year's 21st GM-DX Convention was also a celebration of twenty-five years since the GM-DX Group was founded in 1993.

Steve MW0ZZK, Declan EI6FR, Pat EI5IX, Dave EI9FBB and Col MM0NDX all in cheerful mood at the 2018 GM-DX. Neil G0JHC, Rob GM3YTS, Ian G4IIY and Chris G3SVL during the tea-break at the 2018 GM-DX Convention.
Rob GM3YTS: GM-DX 25th Birthday cake. Gavin GM0GAV, Chris GM3WOJ + cake. Paul G4PVM at the GM-DX DXCC Desk.
Lasse SM5GLC gave an interesting lecture on VK9MA Mellish. 3Y0Z team-member Hawk SM5AQD describes the Bouvet trip.
Paul G4AFU, Joe DL4CF and Dave GM4EVS. Clive GM3POI, Hans GM4SSA and Mike GM3PPE.
Chris GM3WOJ is presented with the RSGB's Jack Wylie Trophy by RSGB President Nick G3RWF. There was a wine-bottle/DXCC raffle at GM-DX 2018.
David G3WGN and Gordon G3USR. Seen in the car-park : owners = GM3JOB and MM0NDX.
The GM-DX Convention has been held in the same King Robert Hotel in Bannockburn for twenty years. GM-DX Speakers Lasse SM5GLC, Nigel G3TXF, Hawk SM5AQD, Chris GM3WOJ and Don G3XTT collect their GM-DX Mugs.
Rob GM3YTS presents a GM-DX Quaich to "Practical Wireless" Editor and Top DXer Don G3XTT.
Tom GM4FDM and Gavin GM0GAV.
Hawk SM5AQD and Col MM0NDX with the auctioned Bouvet map (signed by 3Y0Z team) and the bottle of Bouvet wine.
Geoff MM5AHO with a bottle of Bouvet wine - part of the "GMDX Bouvet auction" - top bidder/winner : Col MM0NDX.
Hawk SM5AQD, Clive GM3POI and Lasse SM5GLC. Nadine MM0WNW, Ian GM3SEK, Martin GM8IEM and Aileen.
Julie, Gordon G3USR and Richard GI4DOH. Drew GM3YOR, Charlie GM1TGY and Dave MM0HVW.
Iain M0PCB, Fred G4BWP, Kerry G8VR and Neil G0JHC. George GM8YUI, Kai MM1AUF, Sheree, Christine GM4YMM and Ken GM0AXY
Ian G4IIY, David G3WGN and Ric M5RIC. Paul G4PVM, Nick G3RWF, Chris GM3WOJ, Aileen and Jim GM0NAI.
Steve MW0ZZK, Declan EI6FR, Col MM0NDX and Jonathan MM0OKG. Dave EI9FBB and Pat EI5IX.
Jonathan MM0OKG, Jim GM4VGR and Hugh GM4UYE. Rodger GM3JOB, Dorothy, Rob GM3YTS and Sheree.
Phil GJ4CBQ, Willie GM4ZNC, Jan MJ3CBQ and Iris. Justin G4TSH, Chris G3SVL and Don G3XTT.
Hawk SM5AQD, Clive GM3POI, Lasse SM5GLC and Joe DL4CF Don G3XTT shows his GM-DX Quaich to Nick G3RWF.
Two Swedes at GM-DX : Hawk SM5AQD and Lasse SM5GLC. The GM-DX Convention is held in Bannockburn, near Stirling.
Ian G4YCS, Paul G4CCZ, Justin G4TSH and Nick G3RWF. Colin G3PSM, Don G3XTT and Tom GM4FDM.
Nigel G3TXF is ready to drive back to Edinburgh Airport: EDI. Ian G4YCS, Don G3XTT and Paul G4CCZ back at EDI.
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