Three A's Contest Group : NFD CW Field and UKSMG 6m Contest

GW0AAA/p and MW5A/p : 4 - 5 June 2016

Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE at the 6m station. Jack G8DX and Ian G3WVG assembling the 20m beam.
Ian G3WVG loads up (including three generators) before setting off for the Three As Field Day in Wales. Master chef Richie MW0LGE provided a level of catering previously unheard of on Three As Field Days.
Jack G8DX, Ian G3WVG, Richie MW0LGE and Steve GW4BLE at the Three As Contest Group Field Day site in Wales.
"Look ... this is dead easy...." Ian G3WVG pulls up the home-brew 2-element 20m beam while Jack G8DX keeps an eye on the coax.
Bright sunshine at the Three A's Contest Group NFD CW Field Day and UKSMG 6m Contest site.
G3TXF's generator is present, but G3TXF is away at KB1KAA. Ian G3WVG operating at the 20m single-band NFD station.
The 6m UKSMG contest station was in Richie MW0LGE's trailer. Steve GW4BLE operating MW5A/p in the UKSMG Contest.
Five-element beam on 6m for the UKSMG Contest. No Field-Day is complete without a "Genny Log".
Ian G3WVG and Richie MW0LGE sample the fine field-day food. Richie MW0LGE's Land Rover and trailer provided the 6m shack.
Ian G3WVG and Jack G8DX in the HF Station tent. View of the Three As Contest Group's Field-Day hill-top site.
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