GW4S/p makes a six-hour entry in the Sep 2016 144MHz Trophy Contest

Ian G3WVG sets up the simple 8-el antenna for the 144MHz Trophy Contest on a hill-top near Abersychan in South Wales. Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG setting off for South Wales with two Honda generators .... just in case.
GW4S/p's armstrong rotation method. It doesn't take long to install the 2m station, even though the weather is miserable. Pre-contest breakfast at Macky-Ds near Pontypool at 6 am on Sunday morning.
Ian G3WVG checks again that we have a enough petrol in the can. Heavy rain the previous day made accessing the site muddy work.
GW4S/p on 2m with a neat Icom 7100. This is just the head-unit. The actual radio is tucked away. Ian G3WVG has a CW paddle at the ready, just in case. But only one QSO was made on CW during the six-hour session.
GW4S/p was right next to a nasty heap of fly-tipping. Uggh.... A trig point, two generators and a can of petrol. Field-Day heaven.
Ian G3WVG, Steve GW4BLE and Nigel G3TXF hold an impromptu DXers meeting at the Royal Gwent Hospital. Nigel G3TXF not working many people as GW4S/p on 144MHz during the Trophy Contest ... just 64 QSOs in six hours!
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