RSGB HF Convention - Oct 2006
RSGB 2006 HF Convention at the Gatwick Worth Hotel. HF beam and wideband dipole for HF Convention station MB2HFC.
Dave G4BUO prepares the RSGB and CDXC trophies prior to the HF Contest trophy presentations at the 2006 HF Convention. Mark M0DXR runs a 20m CW pile-up at the RSGB HF Convention station MB2HFC.
Many call-sign number plates were to be seen in the HFC car park. Jim G3RTE, Phil G3SWH, Peter G3SJX and Martyn G3RFX.
Many time NFD winners from the Orkneys Dennis F5VHY (G3MXJ) and Clive GM3POI with a 136KHz darlek ATU in the background. The UK 3,000+ Band-Points Club (only members Fred G4BWP and Roger G3KMA !) holds its AGM at the 2006 HF Convention.
Justin G4TSH, Nigel G3TXF, Bob K4UEE (rugged DX-peditioner!), Roger G3SXW and Peter G3ZSS at a pre-HFC BY dinner. The presentations by Bob K4UEE on the 3Y0X Peter 1 DX-pedition were a DX'ers highlight of the 2006 RSGB HF Convention.
Top UK DXers Peter G3SJX, John G3LZQ, Barry G4VXT, Fred G4BWP and Lionel G5LP at the RSGB HF Convention.
Neville G3NUG and John G3LAS present Mike K9AJ with a donation to IREF at the CDXC's stand where the club's 25th birthday was being celebrated with balloons and silver plates!
The FSDXA's Sep 2007 DX-pedition to St Brandon 3B7C was announced at the 2006 HFC by project leader Neville G3NUG.
Jim G3RTE and Nigel G3TXF receive the Edgware Trophy (AFS) on behalf of Three A's Contest Group's. Foto : Tnx - Alun G4WGE
Bob K4UEE, Justin G4TSH, Roger G3SXW, Peter G3ZSS and Ian G3WVG at a pre-HF Convention BY Dinner in Chessington.
Wayne N7NG ["Mr LoTW"] and Bob K4UEE inspect part of the G3TXF QSL Collection.
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