RSGB HF Convention - Oct 2007
Five Star DXpedition leader Neville G3NUG addresses the Dinner after being awarded the RSGB's Calcutta Key. 3B7C Team T-shirts: Gordon G3USR, Bob MD0CCE and Chris G3SVL, plus Dave G3UEG (left) and Ann XYL-MD0CCE (centre).
The previously postponed (due to the floods in July) CDXC AGM was held during the well attended RSGB HF Convention. Peter G3SJX (CDXC Secretary) and John G3LAS (CDXC Chairman) rattling through the agenda at the CDXC AGM.
"He's not on my list.. is he on your list?" Don G3XTT, Sylvia and Dave G4BUO officiate at the HF Trophies presentation ceremony. John G3LAS presents Mike K9AJ with CDXC's annual IREF contribution, while Roger G3KMA looks on approvingly.
Two top UK DXers : Roger G3LQP and Laurie G3UML at the RSGB HF Convention in the Wyboston Lakes Convention Centre.
CDXC Chairman John G3LAS presents a plaque to Lee G0MTN with Jim G3RTE (CDXC Trophies manager) in the background.
John G3LZQ (RSGB HF Awards Manager) presents Phil G4OBK with the prestigious ROTAB Trophy for his prolific DX working. Clive GM3POI steps up to collect one of several HF contesting trophies from the RSGB President Angus MM1CCR.
2007 RSGB HF Convention organiser Dave M0OBW with the RSGB van. Competing or complimentary events at the Wyboston Conference Centre? Colin G3PSM and RSGB GM Peter G0TWW discuss power line noise issues.
"Stack 'em high....." Martin G4HKS and Laurence M0LSK at the Martin Lynch & Sons stand at the RSGB HF Convention. The secrets of the Wonder Wand Antenna revealed at the equipment packed ML&S RSGB HF Convention stand.
Two more top UK DXers : Fred G4BWP and Rob GM3YTS. Tom GM4FDM and Jim G3RTE: mugs in hand at the CDXC stand.
Nigel G3TXF collects a load of RSGB trophies, confirming (as if proof were needed!) that he spends too much time playing radio. YL operator Christine GM4YMM on 80m SSB at the GB2HFC RSGB HF Convention special event station.
The facilities at the 2007 RSGB HF Convention were excellent .... although DXing on the low bands could have been challenging. Retiring CDXC Secretary Peter G3SJX shares a joke with ever cheerful Tom GM4FDM at the CDXC stand.
Mike 5B4AGX collects a trophy at the CDXC AGM during the 2007 RSGB HF Convention. Trailer mounted beam and wire antennas at the GB2HFC RSGB HF Convention station. Roger G3LQP delivers a pile of outgoing QSLs to the RSGB QSL Bureau at the HFC.
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