RSGB HF Convention - Oct 2008
CDXC President Neville G3NUG and John G4IRN at the CDXC stand in the exhibition area of the 2008 RSGB HF Convention. Bill NC1L takes a break from checking QSLs and explaining LoTW to take time to operate the HF Convention station: GB2HFC.
Michael G7VJR gives a presentation on his recent successful operation from Europe's remotest island : Jan Mayen (JX) Tony G0OPB, John G4IRN, Dave G4BUO, John G3LZQ, John G3WGV and Clive GM3POI at a GB7HQ operators' meeting.
CDXC Chairman John G3LAS presents Mike K9AJ (IREF) with a contribution, with Michael G7VJR (l) and Gordon G3USR (r). Martin G4HKS, Laurence M0LSK and Bob MD0CCE at the Martin Lynch & Sons stand at the 2008 RSGB HF Convention.
Visitors to the HF Convention were able to inspect the RSGB's new educational trailer complete with HF and VHF antennas. Dave G4BUO collects a cup from RSGB President Colin G3PSM at the trophy award ceremony at the RSGB HF Convention.
Trailer mounted tri-bander with wire ants used for the RSGB HF Convention station. A misty start to the day as seen through the 400kV lines at the convention centre! Gordon G3USR enjoys sunshine lunch at the end of the 2008 RSGB HF Convention.
Clive GM3POI was awarded the RSGB's prestigeous ROTAB (Royal Order of Transatlantic Brasspounders) Trophy at the Dinner. Strange array of antennas spotted at the convention centre - nothing to do with the RSGB... has anyone any idea what they were?
Paul G6PZ operating the Convention's HF station located in the exhibition area next to the DXCC Card-Checkers table. Nigel G3TXF displays a load of RSGB trophies, confirming (as if proof were needed!) that he spends too much time playing radio.
Don G3BJ, Hilary G4JKS and Gordon G3USR having a merry time at the CDXC President's table. [Photo Victor G3JNB] Ivan G3IZD, Nigel G4KIU, Neville G3NUG and ??? ??? at the RSGB HF Convention Dinner. [Photo Victor G3JNB]
??? ??? , Bob MD0CCE and xyl Ann at the RSGB HF Convention Dinner. [Photo Victor G3JNB] Over-staffed... two wine waiters (G3BJ and G4KIU) at one table.
[Photo Victor G3JNB]
Rob GM3YTS and Clive GM3POI collect the Scottish NFD Trophy from RSGB President Colin G3PSM. [Photo Tom GM4FDM] Gordon G3USR, Chris G3SVL and ???/???? at the RSGB HF Convention Dinner. [Photo Victor G3JNB]
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