RSGB [HF] Convention - Oct 2009
Laurence M0LSK and Martin G4HKS of ML&S who kindly offered space for the CDXC desk at the end of the Martin Lynch stand. Chris G3SVL (Chairman) and Neville G3NUG (President) manning the CDXC stand at the 2009 RSGB Convention in Wyboston.
DXCC card-checking facilities offered by the ARRL at RSGB HF Conventions are always much appreciated by G and EI DXers. Lionel G5LP and Fred G4BWP were part of the UK card checking team which also included Rob GM3YTS and Jim G3RTE.
The Wyboston Convention Centre has many positive aspects, but the close proximity of overhead power cables is not one of them! The RSGB were exhibiting their GB4FUN mobile display which is taken to schools in order to generate interest in Amateur Radio.
Rob GM3YTS presents Clive GM3POI with a trophy (on behalf of the GM-DX Group) for winning more trophies than anyone else! Alan G4DJX collects a cup from Contest Manager Don G3XTT for his top place in AFS-CW (as part of the 3As Contest Group team).
Two generations of Amateur Radio operators : father Bill G3JYP from Appleby in Westmoreland and son Mark G4RCD. Roger G3KMA (RSGB IOTA Manager) and Ger EI4GXB at the CDXC stand. Over 120 CDXC members and visitors signed in.
John G3LZQ presents Dave G4BUO with a "thank you" plaque for having organised GB5HQ/GB7HQ for seven years : 2003-09. Martyn G3RFX (CDXC Digest Editor), Ger EI4GXB and Tim M0URX (CDXC web-site News Editor) at the CDXC stand.
CW hot-shots at the FOC's pile-up tape: Ray G4FON, Chris G3SJJ, Mark M0DXR, Don G3BJ, Dave G4BUO and Bob K4UEE. The RSGB QSL Bureau in action: Nick G3RWF receives a nice pile of cards from G3R Sub-Bureau Manager Derek G3RAU.
Chris G3SVL, Mark G4AXX and Nigel G0VDZ at the CDXC stand. Chris G3SVL presents well-known Manx DXer Bob MD0CCE with a trophy for the 2009 CDXC LF Challenge.
Chris G3SVL presents Dave EI9FBB with a trophy for the 2009 CDXC LF Challenge. Chris G3SVL presents Shaun M0BJL with a trophy for the 2009 CDXC LF Challenge.
Steve G4ZUL operating GB2HFC at the RSGB Convention. A trailer mounted 18m high tower and HF beam were set up in the grounds. Chris G3SVL, Chris G3SJJ and Martin G4HKS with just a couple of hours to go before the end of the 2009 RSGB Convention.
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