RSGB Convention - Oct 2010
Neville G3NUG (who announced the Oct 2011 T32C jumbo East Kiribati DX-pedition at the 2010 RSGB Convention Dinner), Michael G7VJR, John G3VPW and Nigel G4KIU at the busy CDXC stand. The 2010 RSGB Convention was held at an excellent new rural venue: the Horwood House conference centre located between Buckingham and Milton Keynes. A great location indeed.
Ian G3WVG parks next to the Martin Lynch & Sons van. ML&S supported the 2010 RSGB Convention in numerous ways. The Brains Trust: Dave G4BUO and Ian G3WVG winners of a particularly tricky logic-based after-dinner DX competition.
Pre-Dinner drinks: Colin G3PSM, Tomi HA7RY (of the excellent TX3A Chesterfield operation), Max M0GHQ and Chris HA5X. Cyprus hams (Mike 5B4AGX and Alan 5B4AHJ) and their XYLs outside in the sunshine at the end of the 2010 RSGB Convention.
Tomi HA7RY with GM-DX Group Chairman Rob GM3YTS. Rob had presented Tomi HA7RY with a GM-DX Quaich at Ham Radio. Welsh contesters G(W)3WVG and Steve GW4BLE with an NFD plaque for Three As Contest Group for operating as GW0AAA/p
RSGB Contest Committee Chairman Ed GW3SQX, Dave G3TBK and Nick G4FAL. Laurence M0LSK and Martin G4HKS of ML&S (with happy customer Don G3XTT) had a large stand at the RSGB Convention.
Michael G7VJR (the brains behind Clublog) presents Nigel G3TXF with a prize for up-loading the 30-millionth QSO to Clublog. John G3LZQ surveys the large number of HF Contest trophies, cups and plaques on display before the HF Contest presentations.
Ed GW3SQX, RSGB Contest (now HF+VHF) Chairman, answers one of the many questions at the end of a lively HF Contest forum. BERU Travellers: Nick G4FAL, Alan 5B4AHJ, Dave G3TBK, Peter G3LET, John G3LZQ, Ed GW3SQX (HFC) and Bob G3PJT.
Three As Contest Group: Ian G3WVG, Nigel G0VDZ, Justin G4TSH, Clive GM3POI, Steve GW4BLE and Nigel G3TXF. Bristol Contest Group members: Alan G3XSV, Geoff G4FKA, Colin G3YHV, Ian G4FSU, Pete G4CLA and Robin G3TKF.
Despite copious signage, many delegates found the layout of the Horwood House convention centre a trifle confusing! Journey to nowhere: several sat-nav users with the postcode given for the RSGB Convention ended up in a field about half a mile away!
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