RSGB Convention - Oct 2011
Paul G3WYW operates the RSGB Convention station: GB2IW. Mystery: How come GB2-Intruder-Watch is the RSGB Convention call?
Kenwood's David G5HY at the ARRL DXCC Card Checking desk. Rob GM3YTS checks up on some familiar callsigns in the car-park
Rob GM3YTS and Rupert G4XRV HF Antenna at the GB2IW demo station Fred G4BWP (A65BD) and Rupert G4XRV
Roger G3SXW lectures on "Contest Ethics & Rules" at one of the Contest University sessions. The CTU was led by Mark M0DXR. DXCC Card-Checker Fred G4BWP checks through cards. This year checkers reported lower numbers of cards, thanks to LoTW.
Stewart GM4AFF and Graham G4FNL. Phil G3SWH, Rob GM3YTS, Nigel G3TXF, Stewart GM4AFF.
John G4IRN chaired a GR2HQ (IARU Contest) discussion session. Ivan G3IZD and Laurence G4HTD.
IOTA DX-peditioner Derek G3KHZ with Mike N9NS Dave G3TBK collects trophies from RSGB President M0OBW.
Mark G4RCD and RSGB President Dave M0OBW admire the Ed G3XTJ Cup which is awarded for the winner of RoPoCo2 Contest. The Bristol Contest Group was present in large numbers at the HF Trophies ceremony. As usual, they collected numerous cups.
Channel Island DXers: Mathieu MJ0ASP and Dick GU4CHY John G3WKL and Colin G3PSM check the Convention signage
Dominic M0BLF describes the G6UW trip to St Pierre/Miquelon (FP). [G3TXF's old Stepp-IR appears in a nice FP sunrise slide!] Keith G3VKW and John G3LZQ attend one of the many excellent RSGB Convention lectures covering DX-peditions and Contesting.
Paul G3WYW welcomes Peter VK3MV to the GB2IW Demo Station with its Yaesu FT-DX-9000 transceiver and Quadra linear. Amidst wild cries of "you jammy bugger" Nigel G3TXF collects the 2011 RSGB Convention star prize (an ICOM IC-7410 transceiver).
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