RSGB Convention - Oct 2015
RSGB President John G3WKL (complete with chain of office) welcomes delegates to the 2015 RSGB Convention. The Chris G0DWV and Graham G8NWC tussle over an IOTA Directory at the RSGB book-stand.
Tri-bander used by Kenwood's MB5RC. Justin G4TSH collects a contest trophy. Hexbeam on Camhams van runs GB3HQ.
Don G3XTT, Dave G4BUO and Olof G0CKV at the Contest Univ. The Club Log power-house: Michael G7VJR and Marios G0WWW.
IOTA past, present and future: Cezar VE3LYC and Roger G3KMA.
Charles M0OXO, Shaun M0BJL and Dave EI9FBB.
Pre-dinner line-up: G3SVL, GM3POI, G2NF, G3WGN & GM3WOJ. WRTC-14 team : Gerry GI0RTN and Kazu JK3GAD.
Geoff G4FKA, Lisa and Alun G4WGE. Paul G3WYW takes a photo of ....... the Yaesu stand.
Phil GU0SUP, Chris G5KC, Neil G6MC and Mark G4RCD. G4AXX, G0VDZ, G4TSH, G3XTT, 2E0IUZ and G4FNL.
Alex GD6IA, Jean-Rolland HH2JR and Alistair G3ZBU. David G3WGN, Robert F5VHN and Dan N1ND of the ARRL
Tony G2NF and Ian G3YBY F5VKT at breakfast. Don G3XTT and RSGB Board Member Barrie G4AHK.
Mark M0DXR and John G3LAS at MB5RC. Kent's Hill Park: RSGB Convention venue. Ed GW3SQX with trophy for Steve GW4BLE.
Kenwood TS590SG with special callsign MB5RC. Chris G3SVL and Martin G3ZAY.
Recently appointed HF Contesting Tsar Nick G4FAL introduced and agreed several excellent proposals (eg "drop SSB from 1.8MHz", "use 3.650-3.700 for SSB", "stop adding more categories to failing contests") in an otherwise largely moribund Contest Forum. Three As Contest Group members Nigel G3TXF, Justin G4TSH, Clive GM3POI, Graham G4FNL, Nubsey G0VDZ, Chris GM3WOJ and Steve GW0GEI collect a trophy from RSGB President John G3WKL for winning the 80m CCs in 2015.
Bristol Contest Group members Alan G3XSV, Steve G3ZVW, Roger G4BVY and Geoff G4FKA collect another year's worth of HF trophies at the RSGB Convention HF Awards ceremony. ML&S's Richard G1GRD and Tony M0TNY in deep discussion at the RSGB Convention: ".... Look that can't be right. We could never give such a large discount. Martin really wouldn't like it!
UK Six Metre Group: Peter G3ZSS, Tom G4IDL and Tim G4FJK Top contesters: Martin G4XUM, Dave G3NKC and Dave G4BUO.
Thanks to ML&S, the primary sponsors of the RSGB Convention. Brian G3UJE, Terry G3RKF and Peter G3SMT.
All smiles at the Convention : John G4IRN. Downstairs for the RSGB Convention Dinner. Nubsey G0VDZ takes some fresh air.
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