RSGB Convention - Oct 2016
The new draconian "no photography" regime at the 2016 RSGB Convention did not stop G3TXF taking a few snaps... Big noises on 160m (and on all other bands too!) Clive GM3POI and Jeff VY2ZM at the 2016 RSGB Convention.
Bob GU4YOX and Justin G4TSH. The 2016 RSGB Convention... Bob G3PJT demonstrates K3 remote operation to John G4BAO.
Peter G3ZSS gives an interesting lecture about Six Metres.... Alan G4NXG/m, Don G3XTT and Alan 5B4AHJ on CDXC stand.
Bob G3PJT talks about the 2017 Commonwealth Contest (BERU).
Lawrence G4HTD and Bob GU4YOX near the CDXC stand..
The IOTA mobile .... Drinks at the bar before the 2016 RSGB Convention Dinner.
Mike K9AJ and Susan K9XYL at the IOTA Table. Mike K9AJ gave an excellent VP8SGI - VP8STI presentation. Gill, Jim JA9IFF (Japan's IOTA check-point), Roger G3KMA and Cezar VE3LYC. Cezar had presented on ZL9A and VE7LYC/KL7.
Top Table guests at the RSGB Convention Dinner...... including Flexradio's Gerald K5SDR and the ARRL's Bob NQ1R.
Olof G0CKV, Jacques F6BEE and Al F5VHJ/NH7A Three As diners : Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG and Clive GM3POI.
Richard G1GRD (ML&S), Mark M0DXR (Kenwood) and Georgina. Evan M0TJU, David G3WGN and Lawrence G4HTD.
After-Dinner speaker : Susan Buckle of the UK Space Agency. Kent's Hill Park: RSGB Convention venue. Nick G3RWF does the rounds, wine glass in hand, at the RSGB Convention Dinner.
Ian G3YBY, Chris G3SVL and Tony G4LDL. Justin G4TSH, Bob GU4YOX and Ian G3WVG.
Tony M0TNY at the well stocked ML&S stand. Rob M0ZPU operating the RSGB Convention station GB3HQ in the Camb-Ham van with an IC-7300 and a Yaesu Quadra amp.
Kenwood... Icom...
Top UK DX-er Paul G4PWA collects the ROTAB Trophy from RSGB President Nick G3RWF. Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG collect trophy from RSGB President Nick G3RWF for their GM4S operation in IOTA 2015.
The Bristol Contest Group line up for their annual hawl of trophies. Tim M0URX collects another pile of custom-made TXF QSL Boxes.
Marios G0WWW and Jacques F6BEE Confusing Convention signage... Clive GM3POI and Jacques F6BEE at Luton
Michael G7VJR passes the FOC's G3FXB award (awarded to Club Log) on to Marios G0WWW following the QSL Archive demo Mike GM3PPE collects some new toys from Richard G1GRD at the ML&S stand. ML&S were the main sponsors of the Convention.
Numbers at the RSGB Convention were boosted by the BYLARA Convention also being held in Milton Keynes : Bev F4WBW, Evelin DM4EZ and Falk DL1ARK were attending both events. Ian G3WVG collects an invisible trophy from RSGB President Nick G3RWF for the GW0AAA/p 20m single-band operation in the 2016 Field Day. Operators were Ian G3WVG and Jack G8DX.
The IOTA Team : Jim JA9IFF (Japan's IOTA Check-Point), Cezar VE3LYC, Johan PA3EXX, Roger G3KMA and Stan G4XXI. Bob MD0CCE and Tom GM4FDM at the 2016 RSGB Convention Dinner.
Cambridge Repeater Group banner on the neatly laid out Cam-Hams van used for the GB3HQ operation during the Convention. David G3WGN receiving the Ross Carey (G3DYY) Rose Bowl for his winning entry in the 12-hour UK section in the 2016 Commonwealth Contest (BERU).
Dave G3YMC, Don G3XTT, Rosel DL3KWR and Hardy DL3KWF. Jeff VY2ZM and Jacques F6BEE are top-table guests at the 2016 RSGB Convention.
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