RSGB Convention - Oct 2019
CDXC stand at the RSGB Convention - October 2019.
As well as five concurrent lecture streams, the 2019 RSGB Convention included both HF and VHF Trophy presentations.
The 2019 RSGB Convention
Camb-Hams radio van : UR 59 PYE
Martin G3ZAY rolls up antenna
G3WPH and G3TXF parked near the Convention Centre
ML&S are always great supporters of the RSGB Convention
Colin G4CWH (in BERU ZF2CA) and Gwyn G4FKH
Ian G3WVG and Paul G4RRA
Tony G2NF lectures on VDSL and other noise sources
M0OXO and G4FKA with car boot load of "TXF QSL Boxes"
Three As Contest Group members : Chris GM3WOJ, Andy G4PIQ, Ian G3WVG, Mike G3WPH and Nigel G3TXF
The RSGB has a huge array of cups and trophies which are maintained by the RSGB'sTrophy Manager Jacqui G6XSY
Breakfast meeting : Linda KA1ZD, Dave K1ZZ and the RSGB's event organiser Graham G4FSG. IARU's Dave K1ZZ gave a number of excellent presentations during the 2019 RSGB Convention.
There were several interesting car registration numbers.
Olof G0CKV and Ian G3WVG in the convention restaurant.
Two CW Daves : G4BUO and G3RXP.
Dave K1ZZ gives a lecture on the history of WRTC.
Don G3XTT and Dave EI9FBB, who gave an interesting lecture on the challenges that faced the 5V7EI DX-pedition.
Andy G4PIQ, Ian G3WVG, Mike G3WPH of the Three As CG receive Edgware trophy for winning AFS-CW (for the 12th time).
The caption challenge : G3WGV, G3WVG : which is which?
Top 6m DXer from Cornwall : Peter G8BCG.
Inside the Camb-Hams mobile station.
Working through amateur radio transponder QO-100.
Sign of the times! CW Pile Up desk at the RSGB Convention. Rob M0VFC helps getting Don G3XTT wired up for his lecture.
What he always wanted : Chris G3SVL congratulates Justin G4TSH on winning a 40m QRP rig at the Convention raffle. No, not exactly the "star prize" : Chris G3SVL presents Nigel G3TXF with his raffle prize: an ICOM beer mat..
Nigel G3TXF, John G3WGV, Graham G4FNL, Ian G3YBY and Don G3XTT in the 2019 RSGB Convention bar area. Neighbours in the 2019 RSGB Convention car park : G3KMA and G3TXF.
Seated in the front row, eagerly awaiting Chris G3SVL's after-lunch lecture on the Oct 2018 VK9XG DX-pedition : Mike G3WPH, David G3WGN, and Ian G3YBY.
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