IOTA 50th Anniversary Convention July 2014 - Old Windsor
The 2014 IOTA Convention was held at the Beaumont Estate Hotel & Conference Centre in Old Windsor, Berkshire. Roger G3KMA announces potential new IOTA Groups (NB NA-247P is PJ7, and not FS) as part of the IOTA 50th Anniversary Convention.
Hans SM6CVX, Solveig xyl SM6CVX, Beryl xyl G3LQP and Roger G3LQP. The Chobham Morris Dancers provided some tea-time entertainment at the IOTA Convention.
Neville G3NUG, Geoff G4FKA and Tony G4LDL fly the flag on the CDXC stand at the IOTA Convention. RSGB General Manager Graham G0NBI, Afonwen M6VAJ xyl G0NBI and Don G3XTT (Editor Practical Wireless).
There were many overseas visitors at the RSGB's IOTA Convention including: Gil F4FET, Raul EA5KA, Vincent F4BKV, Christian EA3NT and Oscar EA1DR. Table l-r: Gil F4FET (front), Andy RZ3EM, Vincent F4BKV, Sergey RA3NAN, Irina RZ9OA, Yuri UA9OBA, Yuri N3QQ, Oscar EA1DR, Yoshi JJ8DEN and Take JI3DST.
Table l-r : Joe I2YDX, Roberto IK2WXZ, Mauro I1JQJ (front), Valeria IK1ADH, Mike K9AJ, Susan K9XYL xyl-K9AJ, Carmela sister IT9YRE, Nando IT9YRE and Tina xyl IT9YRE. Table l-r : Elaine G4LFM, Alan G4NXG/m, Stuie VK8NSB, Christian EA3NT, Geoff G4FKA, Tim M0URX, Bodo DF8DX and Daniel DL5YWM.
Top table l-r : Afonwen M6VAJ xyl-G0NBI, Cezar VE3LYC, Roger G3KMA, Gill xyl-G3KMA, John G3WKL, Richard G1GRD/ML&S, Suzy xyl-Richard, Don W9DC and Joy xyl-W9DC. Table l-r : Maureen xyl-M0AUG, Beryl xyl-5B4AHJ, Steve G3OAG, Teresa xyl-G4PFF, Martin G3ZAY, Frank EI6EF, Bernie xyl-EI6EF, Geoff M0AUG, Alan 5B4AHJ and Mike G4PFF/5B4AGX.
Table l-r : Hans DF5UG, Carine ON7LX, Claude ON7TK, Bob MD0CCE, Ann xyl-MD0CCE and Neville G3NUG.
Table l-r : Ghis ON5NT, Lanny W5BOS, Dan W4DKS, Hans SM6CVX, Jim K9PPY, Derek G3KHZ, Joyce xyl-G3KHZ, Solveig xyl-SM6CVX, Lisbeth xyl-Stig and Stig SM-63144.
Table l-r : Mike AD5A, Cris xyl-AD5A, Michael AB5EB, Jen KF5GYF xyl-AB5EB, Col MM0NDX, Raul EA5KA, Tony EA8AKN (hidden), xyl EA8AKN (hidden), Ray N6VR and Marlys xyl-N6VR. Table l-r : John G3LAS, John G4IRN, Roger G3SXW, Keith G3TTC, Clive GM3POI, Keith G3TTC, Birgitta xyl-SM7DXQ, Mats SM7DXQ, Mike G4IUF and Sandy xyl G4IUF.
"Now look here you two ..." Roger G3SXW (r) gives some pertinent instructions to John G3LAS and John G4IRN. Raising a toast to IOTA's 50th Anniversary : Roger G3KMA IOTA Manager, Gill xyl-G3KMA and John G3WKL (RSGB President).
RSGB President John G3WKL presents the Top World IOTA Marathon Activators Individual award to Vincent F4BKV. RSGB President John G3WKL presents the Top Asia IOTA Marathon Activators Individual award to Yoshi JJ8DEN.
RSGB President John G3WKL presents the Top World IOTA Marathon Activators Team award to the HP0INT team : Raul EA5KA, Christian EA3NT, Vincent F4BKV and Col MM0NDX. Keith G3TTC with his IOTA Marathon Activator's trophy.
Chain-mail : RSGB President John G3WKL checks his E-mail. The IOTA Convention lectures were held in the Balmoral Suite at Beaumont. Bob MD0CCE was one of the many active DXers attending the 2014 IOTA Convention.
Two top IOTA chasers and activators from Japan: Yoshi JJ8DEN and Take JI3DST. Ed GW3SQX gave an up-date on the growing popularity of the RSGB's IOTA Contest. This year's will be on 26 - 27 July 2014.
The IOTA Convention Dinner was in the Beaumont Chapel Restaurant. The stained glass window of the former chapel, as well as the ornate ceiling provide an unique environment for the IOTA diners. "Look this way, please!" Ghis ON5NT takes photos during the IOTA Dinner. Beaumont was formerly a Jesuit run public school. G3TXF, then a student at Beaumont College, made his first ever QSO (on 160m AM) from here in Feb 1965. The school closed in 1969.
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