New DXCC Band-Point discovered in G3TXF's old logs thanks to G7VJR's Club Log
During CQWW CW in Nov 1979, G3TXF worked KA1MI on 10m CW.

In those days logs were all on paper.

During the past couple of years G3TXF has been gradually computerising all his old logs.

Firstly the logs were typed up using DF3CB's magnificent Fast-Log-Entry (FLE) program.

The G3TXF logs were then imported into the main station log (TurboLog).

This allowed the G3TXF log to be up-loaded to LoTW and Club Log.

It was Club Log's massive callsign database which suggested that the Nov 79 CQWW CW QSO with KA1MI might have been Marcus Island (now Minami Torishima JD1/mt) rather than plain old USA, as had been originally logged. And so it was.

The original KA1MI operator (Rich WB1GXU), who was with the US Coast Guard on Marcus Island for one year, was traced through as currently being N4HK. Rich N4HK most fortunately still had a KA1MI QSL. Tnx Rich!

G3TXF was therefore able to get a QSL card (nearly thirty years after the QSO!) for what had remained, until it had been recently discovered by Club Log, an unidentified new DXCC Band-Point. Thanks Club Log!

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