LA-DX Group Meeting : 29 - 30 April 2006
The 2006 LA-DX-Group Meeting was held in Starum (about 100km north of Oslo, near Gjøvik going in the direction towards Lillehammer) and was attended by over 50 delegates including about 40 LA's, two SM's, three OH's, two G's and Wayne N7NG (Mr LoTW) from the ARRL. The venue was a civil defence facility on the shores of 100km-long lake Mjøsa.
The venue of the 2006 LA-DX Group Meeting was just next to the Gjøvik club station LA5G in Starum on lake Mjøsa . The 2006 LA-DX Group Meeting started with the AGM chaired by Rag LA5HE, which was attended by about 40 LA-DX-G members.
Rag LA5HE and Trond LA8XM at the LA-DX-Group Meeting. Erling LA6VM gives a fascinating first-hand account of his experiences during the 2006 3Y0X Peter 1st DX-pedition.
Peter G3SJX presents his research data on the performance of the latest generation of HF radios for DX'ers.
The accommodation block at the Starum civil defence facility by lake Mjøsa was used to house LA-DX-G Meeting delegates.
During an after-dinner presentation Martti OH2BH outlined plans for the further development of Amateur Radio in the Andamans following the April 2006 VU4 Hamfest. The LA-DX-G Meeting dinner: LA5HE, G3SJX and OH2BH seen standing on left. Wayne N7NG is just visible standing on far right. The "Haugesund DX-mafia" is sitting at the end of the table.
LA-DX-Group Meeting delegates take a short break during one of the lecture sessions. Harald LA7OC, Vegard LA9LMA, Peter G3SJX & Jerry SM7BZV during a lunch break. [Nigel G3TXF is represented symbolically in this photo by the white box of QSLs on the table!]
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