MW5A - IARU 144MHz Contest - 6 hour- Sep 13

Ian G3WVG operates as MW5A/p (but without the /p, thanks to the curious rules of the RSGB 144MHz Trophy contest). Two vehicles climbed to the top (about 540m asl) of the heather and gorse covered hill just outside Abersychan in South Wales.
Ian G3WVG logs another QSO on 2m SSB in the IARU 144MHz contest from IO81KP. A simple 8-el beam at 20ft and a 50w radio is small beer for a VHF contest operation! Ian G3WVG rotates the 2m beam by the armstrong method.
Nigel G3TXF provides the support team for the 76 QSO, six hour IARU 144MHz Contest entry by MW5A(/p). Meeting with some local CBers (out for activity on Channel 32?) on the way down from the hill top near Abersychan in South Wales.
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