MW5B CQWW CW 2011 - 10m Single Band - WAB SM72 - Grid IO71jw

MW5B Claimed Score : 10m SOSB : 2,440 QSOs - 38z - 126c - 898,228 points

Ian G3WVG is operating the 2011 CQWW CW Contest single band 10m as MW5B in the far west of Wales close to the Pembrokeshire coast. The antenna is a 4-el beam. The QTH is at the Pembrokeshire Sheepdogs farm in Tremynydd Fach.
The two peak rate hours were on the Saturday afternoon, with the highest hourly rate being 187 QSOs. On both days the first QSOs were between 06-07z. On Saturday the last QSO was just after 18z, whereas on Sunday 10m remained open until about 1930z. Clearly from the dips in rate graph, it can be seen that Sunday was the Multiplier hunting day!"
Putting up a 4-el 10m beam --- Field Day style.
Field-Day style entry in CQWW-CW. The complete station (including 10m beam, mast and rotator) were driven to Pembrokshire in West Wales to operate as MW5B. Ian G3WVG seen here at an M4 motorway service station with a poles and beam on roof-rack.
...... Local GW SWL helps out.