A short pre-MZ5A recce trip to Eshaness was made by Nigel G3TXF during the weekend prior to CQWW CW 06. A small entry was also made as GM3TXF/p (Postcode : ZE!) in the RSGB 160m Contest.
Nigel G3TXF checks in at LHR-1 for the flight to Shetland with 100kg (the MZ5A amp + antennas). At 60 degrees North, Shetland (GM/s) is exactly two thirds the way from the Equator to the North Pole!
Hans MM0XAU (DJ6AU) currently lives about 1km from the Eshaness Lightness. Hans MM0XAU (DJ6AU) in his well equipped shack in Eshaness, with an Orion transceiver and Centurion linear.
Lighthouse QTH : The centre of the 160m was hoisted to the top of the one flagpole which has a pulley and halyard. This is the 'side door' through which the coax cables can be fed into the living-room shack. The side door then needs to be tied closed.
Lighthouse QTH : Corner post on the perimeter fence. The cliff edge is about 80ft away in this direction. Lighthouse QTH : Fence running towards the edge and the cliff top. Looking West!
The ends of the 160m dipole were really low. This could probably be improved in day-light (this antenna was put up in the dark). Basic provisions left for MZ5A! There is a Somerfield right on the outskirts of Lerwick where further stuff can be bought on the way.
Nigel GM3TXF/p during the RSGB 160m Contest. There is a table suitable for the station in the living room next to the TV! Lighthouse QTH : The one halyard rope is a bit worn and thin. Care needs to be taken not to snap it.
The nearer flagpole has the 160m dipole. The corner fence post would probably be ideal for the HF6V vertical. View from the North side of the Eshaness Light-house. The far right corner post would support short pole to get end of 160m higher.
The coax for the 160m and HF6V could be thrown over the low-part of the wall which (on the other side) is right by the back-door. There are short sturdy poles holding a washing line. These possibly may be useful for something.
The blue halyard runs up one flagpole. Care needs to be taken not to snag it on the wire guys. Sumburgh to Eshaness was about 60 miles mostly on the A970.
The MZ5A luggage and the 160m antenna (with string and off-cuts) are stored in the hallway of the Eshaness Lighthouse. The TS570DG - spare rig for MZ5A - (with 12v PSU, linear control cable and 12v cable) is on the table in the living-room (shack).
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