CQWW CW Contest - November 2006

MZ5A - Shetland

IOTA : EU-012 - WAB : HU27 - Eshaness Lighthouse : SCO-075

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Sunset at the Eshaness lighthouse CQWW CW QTH of MZ5A on the west coast of Mainland Shetland. Ian G3WVG operated SOAB as MZ5A from the Eshaness Lighthouse in Shetland (GM/s) in CQWW CW Contest.
Over 150kg of radio gear including antennas, two radios and a linear were taken to Shetland for the MZ5A operation The powerful light from the Eshaness Lighthouse has a range of about 24 miles out to sea.
The antennas at MZ5A included a 80m and 160m dipoles (on mast at right) as well as the driven element from an HF tri-bander. The MZ5A 40m vertical perched on the edge of the 150ft cliff at the Eshaness Lighthouse bends in the high winds.
Ian G3WVG sets up the station (FT-1kMP and Alpha 89) at MZ5A prior to the Single-Operator All-Band (SOAB) CQWW CW operation. Ian G3WVG ties off the ends of the 80m and 160m dipoles in the open ground next to the Eshaness Lighthouse.
For the 2006 CQWW CW Contest MZ5A operation a 40m vertical antenna was positioned close to the edge of the 200ft cliff at the lighthouse - an ideal, if somewhat windy, location for a 40m vertical!
The 2006 MZ5A QSL shows Ian G3WVG at the station installed in the Eshaness Lighthouse for the 2006 CQWW CW Contest.
Nigel G3TXF made a short pre-MZ5A recce trip to Shetland in early November - this coincided with the RSGB 160m Contest which was entered as GM3TXF/p.
QSLs for MZ5A - via G3TXF:

73 - Ian G3WVG
Three A's Contest Group (M5A - MW5A - MZ5A)

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