CQWW CW 2016 : Shetland : MZ5A 40m SOSB --- MZ5B 160m SOSB

Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG operated two SOSB entries from the Eshaness Lighthouse in CQWW CW in November 16.

2016: CQWW CW : we operated two SOSB entries on 40m (MZ5A Op = G3TXF) and 160m (MZ5B Op = G3WVG) from the Eshaness Lighthouse on Shetland. Shetland counts as a separate Country Multiplier in CQ Contests. See our previous Shetland Contest visits.
CQWW CW Scores:
MZ5A on 40m and for
MZ5B on 160m.
Both stations were Single Operation Single Band (SOSB) - non-Assisted : there's no Internet access or mobile phone coverage at the Eshaness Lighthouse on Shetland!
MZ5B : 160m vertical with four top loading radials and about 50 radials. Ian G3WVG uses the highly practical Rig Expert AA-54 Antenna Analyser. MZ5A : the elevated 40m vertical with two elevated radials bends around in the winds.
MZ5A : the permanently installed flag-pole with pulley at Eshaness was used to support a 40m dipole. However this was not used. MZ5A and MZ5B : the Eshaness Lighthouse provides comfortable and warm accommodation for visiting CQWW CW Contesters.
MZ5B : the 160m vertical stands proud during a calm and sunny period between the November gales that regularly batter Eshaness. MZ5A : Nigel G3TXF stops during the one hour drive from the ferry terminal in Lerwick en route for the Eshaness Lighthouse.
Looking South from Eshaness towards the islands of Papa Stour (GM4S in IOTA 2014) and Foula. Looking North-West across the back of the Eshaness Lighthouse. There's an immediate 60m drop into the Atlantic Ocean.
MZ5A : the elevated 40m vertical GP dipole with the Eshaness Lighthouse. MZ5A : when the guy stakes run out, a pile of stones is used as a guy point. MZ5A : the horizontal 40m dipole looks nice, but the 40m vertical GP worked much better.
Ian G3WVG and Hans GM4SSA (GZ5Y) clear up after the end of the Contest. Hans GM4SSA lives close by in Eshaness. Ian G3WVG "selfie" with the Eshaness Lighthouse. [photo : G3WVG]
Looking North from Eshaness. A dramatic shard of sunlight seen from Eshaness.
The powerful light from the Eshaness Lighthouse is said to be visible out at sea from some 24 miles away. MZ5A : Nigel G3TXF uses 40m MZ5A entry made by Ian G3WVG in 2015 as the "target" file in Win-Test. A 48-hour loosing battle!
The Eshaness Lighthouse with the 160m vertical (MZ5B) on the left (with Ian G3WVG working at the base) and the 40m GP antenna with two elevated radials (MZ5A) in the distance. Both antennas were guyed at four levels and the 160m vertical had a fifth guying level by virtue of the four capacity hat radials.
MZ5A : Dramatic shot of the 18m pole that supported the 40m vertical GP dipole bending in the wind : [Photo G3WVG]
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