Meeting OE5 DXers in Linz - May 2010
Meeting OE5 DXers in Linz : Karl OE5JKL, Oliver OE5OHO, Gerhard OE3GEA, Adi OE5KE, Nigel G3TXF, Wolfgang OE5BWN, Max OE5NNN, Erwin OE5ERN and Fritz OE5FIN.
OE5KE finds an old G3TXF QSL in his collection for a 160m QSO in December 1965. It was G3TXF's first OE QSO on Topband. Adi OE5KE at his station
The Stepp-IR beam (with 30m-40m loop) sits at the top of a sturdy communications tower, including a handy work platform. Adi OE5KE at the base of his large self-supporting tower.
OE5KE's tower at side of the house on the edge of Linz, the capital of the OE5 region. As well as being a keen DXer, OE5KE is also a serious cactus collector. The location of the OE5 DXer meeting was next to a local broadcast tower in Linz.
The OE5 DXer meeting was in a "Wienerwald" restaurant in Linz. Adi OE5KE has two large greenhouses each full with many hundreds of cactus plants in different stages of growth.
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