ARRL-CW Contest 2020 - OE9TXF, Vorarlberg, Austria
The 2020 ARRL CW Contest was operated from the OE9XRV club-station near the Lake of Constance, Bregenz, Austria, using the recently issued callsign : OE9TXF.
Thanks to the 2el 40m yagi at the OE9XRV club station, 40m was the best band with 61 of a possible 63 Mults worked. The only two missing were the ever elusive Canadian Mults: VE8 (NT) and VY1 (YT).
OE9TXF : 40m W/VE Mult table. A full-house in the USA but two Canadians missing.
OE9TXF : The best hour (140) was the first hour on 40m. There was some activity during 35 hour-periods of the 48 hour ARRL-CW Contest. The hotel was just a five-minute walk from the shack. Bregenz OE9 Club members: Arno OE9AMJ, Holger OE9GHV, Tommi OE9PTI, Richard OE9WRI, Norbert OE9NHI, Harald OE9HLH, Günter OE9HGV, Sigi DL4MAR, Carl OE9MON and Johann OE9RJJ (OE9 QSL Manager).
The 160m W/VE Mults Table.
160m was really the surprise band. Even though there was no antenna for the band, by force-feeding an 80m quarterwave sloper through a KAT-500 tuner (with a massive SWR of about 7:1!) it was possible to work 23 W/VE Mults. It was surprising how many W/VE stations could hear what must have been a pretty weak signal from OE9TXF on Topband!
Rainer OE9RIR, Holger OE9GHV, Günter OE9HGV, Harald OE9HLH, Chris OE9ICI and Herbert OE9HRV at the OE9XRV station located at the Mehrerau on the Lake of Constance.
Thanks to the members of the OE9XRV club-station, OE9TXF's ARRL-CW Contest operation was from their station at the Mehrerau in Bregenz. During the week prior to the contest, the antennas at OE9XRV had been damaged by Storm Sabine. I am most grateful to the OE9XRV Club Members who fixed the broken antenna just prior to the start of the ARRL-CW Contest.

Even though the OE9XRV Club Station has a well equipped shack, I brought along my Elecraft K3S / KPA-500 amp for the contest. The club's antennas are on a crank-up tower, with a nice clear shot over a flat field towards the Lake of Constance, which conveniently is the direction for the W/VE. Ideal for the ARRL-CW Contest!
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