OH Contest Club Finland - DX Convention

Helsinki - Åland - Stockholm - Åland - Helsinki : 20 - 22 January 2006

Finland was experiencing a cold snap (around -20ºc) at the time of the OH Contest Club Finland - DX Convention in January 2006. The 2006 CCF-DX Convention was held during a 40-hour Helsinki - Åland - Stockholm - Åland - Helsinki ferry trip.
Five of the seven UK Contesters/DXers present: John G3LZQ, Roger G3SXW, Don G3XTT, Rupert G4XRV and Lionel G5LP.
Don G3XTT, WWYC Member Fabian DJ1YFK, Lionel G5LP, Roger G3SXW, Rupert G4XRV and Nigel G3TXF.
Tonno ES5TV asks interesting questions during the CQ WW Contest session at the Finnish CCF DX Convention. Ville OH2MM and Steve K6AW explain the role of the DX Advisors on the CQ WW Contest Committee.
Rupert G4XRV and Lionel G5LP check out one of the several bars on the SS Gabriella Helsinki-to-Stockholm ferry-boat.
Rich K2WR relaxes during one of the more technical sessions of the OH CCF-DX Convention. Maybe it's just the jet-lag.
Nigel G3TXF, Nodir EY8MM and Slava ES1AJ exchange tales about DX .
Helsinki ferry harbour - the start point and end point of the two-day Baltic cruise trip for the excellent 2006 OH CCF-DX Convention.
Don G3XTT, Lionel G5LP (just visible to the right of Don), Rich K2WR (an honorary Brit), Rupert G4XRV, John G3LZQ, Stewart GM4AFF and Roger G3SXW set the world to right.
The outside decks of the SS Gabriella ferry were empty. The floor was covered with ice which made walking decidedly dangerous.
Nodir EY8MM, Don G3XTT, Roger G3SXW, Rupert G4XRV, Lionel G5LP (only one eye just visible!) and Slava ES1AJ.
Nigel G3TXF logs a "new one".......

Stepping ashore onto Åland/OH0 at 4.15am (!) gave G3TXF his 122nd Country for the DXCC-Feet Award.

Finland - land of the eternal Grey-Line......

Sunrise on the last day of the trip.

The outside air temperature had dropped to -24ºC.

This photo shows the ice in the Baltic as we approach Helsinki harbour at the end of the 2006 OH CCF DX Convention.

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