OH DX Foundation - Contest Club Finland - DX Convention Cruise

Helsinki - Åland - Stockholm - Åland - Helsinki : 1 - 3 February 2013

DXers at the Contest Club Finland / OH DX Foundation convention chatting in the meeting area on board the Mariella ferry that sails back and forth between Helsinki and Stockholm, stopping at Åland/OH0 on the way.
The Mariella heads towards Helsinki harbour through the broken sea ice. The outside decks are emply as the ferry heads into Helsinki harbour. The Mariella OITI appears to be registered in Mariehamn, the capital of Åland/OH0.
Tonno ES5TV shows his new massive 15m array which consists of eight Optibeam 5-el 15m beams in a two-times four-stack. Dmitry RW4WM provides a glimse into the future of contesting with an introduction to online contesting and cqcontest.ru
Four FOCers at the CCF Convention Cruise : Rag LA5HE, Lionel G5LP, Rune SM5COP and Nigel G3TXF Small lighthouse next to icy waters at the entrance to Helsinki harbour. The entrance to Helsinki harbour is extremely narrow.
The ferry enters Helsinki harbour. The line of clear water through the broken sea ice can be seen behind the ship. The CCF Cruise starts and ends at the Grand Marina in Helsinki. Swedish DXers join the convention for a few hours in Stockholm.
No meeting of SM and OH contesters would be complete without a discussion of the future of the ever popular SAC Contest 2012 SAC Winners: Jaakko OH1TX, Dan SM5IMO, Kari OH5TS and Jukka OH0V (OH6LI) receive plaques from Ingemar SM5AJV.
Nigel G3TXF queuing for the tram to Helsinki station at the ferry terminal at the end of the 2013 CCF Baltic Cruise. Lionel G5LP and Rag LA5HE at the end of an enjoyable weekend on the CCF Cruise on the Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki ferry.
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