PJ4/G3TXF Bonaire - September 2013
Nigel G3TXF operated as PJ4/G3TXF from Bonaire in September 2013 participating in both the SAC-CW Contest and in (a small way!) in the CQWW RTTY Contest. In total 4,600 QSOs (3,800 CW and 800 RTTY) were made.

QSL via G3TXF : Logs and OQRS QSLing on ClubLog : PJ4/G3TXF

Active CW operator Hans PJ4LS (formerly PA0JLS) is one of only three Radio Amateurs currently resident on Bonaire PJ4. Bonaire is one the former Netherlands Antilles ABC islands: Aruba (P4), Bonaire (PJ4) and Curaçao (PJ2) are now separate DXCCs.
The control tower at Bonaire's Flamingo Airport (BON) - duly painted in flamingo pink! Hans PJ4LS (a former Dutch Navy sparks) has a collection of over 180 Morse Keys. Trans World Radio's station PJB has a huge array for 801kHz firing to South America.
The 'contest trophy cabinet' at Noah K2NG's Contest Super-Station PJ4G is a collection of suitably inscribed large white pebbles. Sunset looking towards the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire from the Rum Runner's restaurant in Kralendijk, Bonaire's capital.
Hans PJ4LS outside the building housing Noah K2NG's Contest Super-Station PJ4G. The 40m beam (C3 above it) is at about 90ft with a beam fixed on the USA lower down. The inscriptions on the monument (Seru Largu) are in the local language: Papiamentu
The nearby power lines cause a constant and serious line noise problem for PJ4G. Willemstoren lighthouse at the southern end of Bonaire adjacent to the salt-ponds. Hans PJ4LS on his patio with his HF antennas on a tower next to the house.
One end of the runway at Bonaire Flamingo Airport (BON) is right by the road, hence this strange notice on the airport fencing. The C31XR beam at PJ4G works well on the HF bands. There is a huge drop-off in the ground towards EU, right in front of the station.
The 40m beam at PJ4G has a C3 above it, and the 80m dipole (with open-wire matching) can be seen suspended from the tower. The technical manager at TWR's Bonaire station is Dave PJ4VHF (N7BHC). The Trans World Radio offices and studios are in town.
Cheers in Bonaire : Nigel PJ4/G3TXF, Elie (xyl PJ4LS) and Hans PJ4LS at the Rum Runner's sea-front restaurant in Kralendijk Huge salt-ponds on Bonaire provide a commodities income for the island. Much of the salt is used for winter de-icing in the USA.
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