RSGB QSL Bureau visit : May 2007
Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF visited the RSGB QSL Bureau's offices in Potters Bar in May 2007. Having both been active high-volume users of the RSGB QSL Bureau for many years, it was high time that a visit was made to say thank you to the RSGB QSL Bureau. Both the incoming and outgoing RSGB QSL Bureau operations are efficiently run by Jan, RSGB QSL Bureau Manager, from two tiny offices supported by a small team of dedicated sorters. In one office there are the numerous bins for "outgoing" overseas QSL Bureaux. Cards for distribution to the RSGB's nationwide network of almost 100 QSL Bureau Sub-Managers are processed in the adjacent office. No day passes without the delivery of at least one huge sack of incoming mail from the UK, plus several large parcels of cards from overseas. Sending, receiving and collecting "QSL cards" is a core tradition of the hobby of Amateur Radio. The RSGB's efficient QSL Bureau service is much appreciated by active Amateur Radio operators throughout the UK and around the world. RSGB .... Tnx QSL!
Jan RSGB QSL Bureau Manager with Richard G3RWL and Lin with the overseas Bureaux sorting bins at the RSGB QSL Bureau.
Roger G3SXW in Jan's office. This is where the packages for the network of RSGB QSL Bureau sub-managers are prepared.
Lin sorting outgoing cards (for overseas Bureaux) and Richard G3RWL "pre-sorting" incoming cards for UK stations. John G3WFM the RSGB's honorary historian at the multi-position HF and VHF station at RSGB Headquarters.
Bob G3PJT is found lurking in the RSGB's Library working on a historic research project for a new publication about BERU. The museum at RSGB HQ contains a large collection of early Amateur Radio equipment including these Eddystone receivers.
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