SM DX Meeting : 6 - 7 September 2008
The 2008 SM DX Meeting was held in Karlsborg on Lake Wettern and was attended by about 100 DXers. The two-day programme of DX presentations included talks on VP6DX, VK9DNX, various P29-IOTA operations, remote station operation, 6m DXing and 6V7I. The bi-annual event is organised by the SK6WW Lake Wettern DX Group (with Kjell SM6CTQ as the Master of Ceremonies). The 2008 SM DX Meeting was held within the walls of the famous Karlsborg fortress.
The location of the 2008 SM DX Meeting was on Lake Wettern. 100 DXers attended the 2008 SM DX Meeting near Karlsborg.
Per SM6THE of Soundstar provides the excellent A/V facilities. Rag LA5HE takes a lakeside stroll before the SM DX Meeting.
Lennart SM5CLE, Jan SM5DJZ, Göran SM4DHF, Dan SM5IMO View from Hans SM6CVX's new lake-side QTH.
Hans SM6CVX at new lake-side QTH across water from SK6WW. Claes SM3GSK, Staffan SM3JGG and Christer SM3CZS
Hans SM6CVX, Jerry SM7BZV, Matt SM6DHU and Rag LA5HE Nigel G3TXF and Yngvar LA2QM with a couple of beer bottles.
Jerry SM7BZV, Tord SM3EVR and Matt SM6DHU...more bottles Hans SM6CVX, Jörg DL8WPX and Dietmar DL3DXX
Dietmar DL3DXX's excellent VP6DX Ducie presentation included audio clips for many of the SM Top-Banders QSOs. Lunchtime : Hans SM6CFO/SC6A (also SU9HP), Hawk SM5AQD, Lena SA3ADX, Tord SM3EVR and Dan SM5IMO.
Ulf SM5BRG, Andy EA8CN, Eskil (Gus) SM3BCS, Anders SM6CNN, Tord SM3EVR, Christer SM3CZS, Rune SM5COP (with camera), Kurt SM6BGG, Rag LA5HE and Alf LA5ZN. Leif SM0AJU, Jerry SM7BZV, Matt SM6DHU and Jan SM5DJZ who is Sweden's QSL Bureau Manager for all outgoing cards.
Yngvar LA2QM, Matt SM6DHU, Svein Erik LA7EU and Jerry SM7BZV on the steps of the Karlsborg fortress theatre hall. Small airports are still fun, even if it's raining hard: Jönköping airport - boarding Fokker 50 SE-LED for the short flight to Arlanda.
40m beam and HF beam at SM7BZV Jerry SM7BZV with Spiderbeam on tower. 80m/160m vertical (SM6DOI) at SM7BZV
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