SS44 - 6 Metres - Summer 2019
A new seven element (YU1CF) PA50-7-9BGP 6m beam on a 9m boom was installed at 25m high.
The pre-marking/numbering of every component made the assembly of the PA50-7-9BGP 6m Antenna particularly easy and fast.
First New One on 6m this summer : EW6FW
Second New One on 6m this summer : 4S7AB
Third New One on 6m this summer : 9G2HO
Spot Light propagation : 4S7AB CQing, but without replies.
Sunset towards the GW coastline across the Bristol Channel.
The half-moon passes by the 6m beam.
A simple wire dipole for 10m was pulled up on a pulley to about 15m high and provided an FT8 QSO with CY9C for a new one on 10m on the same evening that CY9C was also worked on 6m SSB, thanks to a fortuitous multi-hop Es opening across the North Atlantic.
After a few weeks operation during June and July the 6m beam was taken down and put away in readiness for next year's summer Es. TR8CA was one of six new countries worked on 6m during 2019. The others were 4S7AB, 9G2NO, CY9C, EW6FW and two UA9s.
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