G3UES/p : SSB-Field Day : Sep 2010

Ian G3WVG drops in for a flying visit to the Echelford Amateur Radio Society SSB Field Day operation from near Weybridge.

Olof G0CKV operating as G3UES/p in SSB Field Day. The complete SSB Field Day station is arranged by Olof G0CKV.
Situation normal on any Field-Day : One operator (Olof G0CKV) operating in the tent, but two operators (Nigel G0VDZ and Ian G3WVG) pontificating about the world in general, outside the tent. The G3WVG mobile parked next to the purpose-built Nubsey trailer used for the transportation of the two (blue and red) hefty looking G3UES/p club Field-Day generators.
Field-Day antennas come in all sizes and shapes. The G3UES/p antenna was a switched loop/folded 80m dipole mounted with the help of a neat gin-pole arrangement.

The flatness of the rugby club grounds (note the rugby posts visible in the distance in two of the photos!) makes for uncomplicated gin-pole operations.

Under canvas : Nigel G0VDZ, Olof G0CKV and Ian G3WVG in the G3UES/p operating tent.
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