TX6G - the timely QSLing of a major DX-pedition
Thanks to the speedy design, printing and shipping of the QSLs by Gennady UX5UO, QSLing operations for TX6G began within days of the team getting back to the UK.

Within four weeks of the end of the operation, all Direct QSL requests received by letter had been replied to. Similarly all requests received through Club Log for both Direct and Bureau QSLs had been answered. Requested Bureau QSLs had been mailed directly to QSL Bureaux in 64 countries around the world. 18,000 TX6G QSOs (23% of 77,000 total) had been confirmed with a QSL.

The vast majority of Direct QSL requests for TX6G have been received through Club Log. Of the 11,300 QSOs which had been confirmed by Direct QSL before the end of April, over 8,800 (78%) had been requested through Club Log.

Similarly for Bureau QSLs, the OQRS facility on Club Log is a godsend. The QSL Manager no longer has to wait to receive an [unwanted] card through the Bureau in order to be able to respond.

Thanks to Club Log's OQRS, Bureau cards can already be on their way to the overseas QSL Bureau within a few weeks of the end of the DX-pedition. Bureau cards for over 6,700 QSOs with TX6G were despatched to QSL Bureaux worldwide already during April.

If you would like a TX6G QSL, please use Club Log to request a card either Direct or via the Bureau. If possible, please do not send requests for Direct QSLs through the mail. Direct QSLs through Club Log are so much easier to process. And are cheaper too.

Similarly, please do not send QSLs through the Bureau to request a TX6G card in reply. Use the OQRS on Club Log. It costs you nothing for a Bureau card and saves unwanted cards having to be handled at great expense by the world's QSL Bureaux.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
QSL Manager : TX6G

Gennady UX5UO printed and shipped the TX6G QSLs quickly so that QSLing work could start immediately after the DX-pedition.
Nigel G3TXF works on the large volume of requests for both Direct and Bureau cards for TX6G. Club Log makes QSLing much easier.
Using the address labels generated by Club Log is much more efficient than handling traditional Direct QSLs from letters. The full TX6G log was up-loaded to both LoTW and Club Log each day during the thirteen day operation.
TX6G Bureau QSLs requested on Club Log : 74 boxes/envelopes are mailed directly to 64 different QSL Bureaux around the world. TX6G Direct QSLs : Five Post Office trays are needed for one of the several major mailings of TX6G Direct QSLs made in April 2014.
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