TX6G - Raivavae island [OC-114] in the Australs
Don G3BJ, Justin G4TSH, Hilary G4JKS, Chris G3SVL, Don G3XTT and David G3WGN on the flight from Tahiti to Raivavae. Window seats for Justin G4TSH, Chris G3SVL, David G3WGN and Don G3XTT on the ATR-72 [F-OIQN] from Tahiti to Raivavae.
The TX6G team are greeted with floral garlands on arrival at the airport on Raivavae. Chris G3SVL and Don G3BJ at one the two beach huts used as shacks for TX6G. Initially there were two stations in each hut.
Vertical Dipole Arrays (VDAs) were used to good effect on the five HF bands (10m-20m). Dunestar Central : Operators selected the correct filter for the band they were using. Pension Raivavae Tama is run by Eléonore and Dennis. Truly excellent hosts for TX6G.
White sand, blue sea and a motu (small outer island) in the distance. Raivavae is an idyllic location for DX-peditioning. Justin G4TSH runs a CW pile-up at the one station using a THP HL-550 FX amplifier. The other stations each used KPA-500s amps.
Time off from running pile-ops to visit the one remaining tiki on the island of Raivavae. A short tourist stroll along the one road which crosses Raivavae. The only other road just goes round the outside of the island.
Don G3XTT operates one of the four Elecraft K3s which had been taken on the TX6G DX-pedition. Chris G3SVL operating the RTTY station using N1MM in multi-channel mode. All TX6G RTTY QSOs were made on 15m.
"Practical Wireless" Editor (Don G3XTT) works on finalising the next issue of the monthly magazine while away at the TX6G DX-pedition. The north-facing beach at TX6G provided an excellent take-off to the three main regions of the world : EU, USA and JA.
One brief tourist visit was made around the island by the whole TX6G team in an open truck run by the Pension Raivavae Tama. The dining room had a map on the wall showing Raivavae island with its outlying small islands (motus). It was about 15km around.
The five VDA antennas (10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m) were spaced along the beach. Don G3BJ and Hilary G4JKS working on the 80m vertical antenna at TX6G. Each VDA had an excellent take-off. Despite the proximity, there was no interference.
Justin G4TSH sorts out a guy. Note the use of dead-man blocks buried in the sand. The QSO total on Win-Test was 73,265 with another 3,599 RTTY QSOs logged in N1MM. At the end of the trip Don G3BJ digs up one of the dead-man guy blocks from the sand.
Don G3BJ says farewell to the DX-pedition's host Eléonore from the Pension Raivavae Tama. Don G3XTT, Eléonore, David G3WGN at Raivavae Airport awaiting the flight back to Tahiti.
Clive GM3POI gets into the TX6G RTTY log on 15m. Note the use of multi-channel operation for decoding RTTY with N1MM. Justin G4TSH with the simple patch panel designed by David G3WGN which allowed fool-proof band changes between stations.
Don G3XTT at the tiny Raivavae airport. Although we had flown out directly from Tahiti, our return flight took us to Tubuai first. There are four churches on Raivavae. This church was right next to where we were staying. Social life centres around the churches.
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