May 2001

Photo Summary

Dennis VK9CXJ and Roger VK9CXW adjust the tuning of the 67ft Titanex vertical which was used on 160m - 80m - 40m and 30m. Although the antenna worked well the propagation was not favourable for LF.
Dennis G3MXJ and Roger G3SXW set to leave the West Island Lodge after a seven day 21.5k QSO CW operation from Cocos (Keeling).
Dennis G3MXJ operating as VK9CXJ from Cocos (Keeling) using a TS-570D and Ameritron 811 linear.
The 'out' basket in the shack on VK9CX.. Cocos (Keeling) :

(1) burnt-out 811A valve

(2) empty Tonic can (as in Gin & Tonic)

(3) empty Jelly Babies wrapper.

Three vertical antennas were used by VK9CXF, VK9CXJ and VK9CXW: two R-7000's were right on the beach (with about 200ft separation) and a 67ft Titanex vertical was about 30ft from the beach.

Dunestar filters were used to eliminate the small amount of inter-station QRM.

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