VP6T - TX6T/p - ZD7XF : QSLing Operations : March 2012
During the two weeks following his return from St Helena (ZD7XF) in mid-March, G3TXF replied to the 3,000 QSL letters which had been received following the 56,300 QSO VP6T operation (as well as for the 16,000 QSO ZD7XF operation). These photos illustrate the enormity of the QSLing task. All QSL letters received for VP6T had been replied to by Monday 2nd April 2012, exactly two months after the end of the VP6T Pitcairn operation. All OQRS requests have been actioned and mailed by 30th April. From 1st May onwards, all new Direct requests and new OQRS requests are being dealt with on a daily basis.
Nigel G3TXF with a pile of incoming QSL mail for the 56,300 QSO Jan-Feb 2012 VP6T Pitcairn operation. Thanks to Roger G3SXW for the assistance with letter opening and sorting QSLs. QSL requests for VP6T were processed in parallel with those for ZD7XF, TX6T and TX6T/p. Gennady UX5UO printed all the cards. VP6T Pitcairn was DXCC Number 306 for UX5UO QSL Print.
QRZ JA? Two boxes of outgoing mail just for Japanese stations. Piles of letters ready to mail to Japan.
One of several "In-Trays" that had to be worked through each day. A growing pile of received QSLs for VP6T (and ZD7XF).
Three boxes of cards for USA stations being put into envelopes. The rubbish bin had to be emptied many times.
Outgoing envelopes being sorted and counted. One of the several boxes of outgoing mail for the USA.
Another box of outgoing VP6T QSL mail for the USA. Tools of the QSLer's trade : letter opener, scales and sellotape!
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