QSL up-date for : VP6T - TX6T - TX6T/p [QSL via G3TXF]
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Operating VP6T

Operating TX6T/p

Bounty Day 2012 Pitcairn

Old Pitcairn Radio Station

The Journey to Pitcairn

The QSL cards for VP6T (Pitcairn), TX6T (Tahiti) and TX6T/p (Mangareva) are all being printed by Gennady UX5UO.

The VP6T QSL is an all-time "new one" for UX5UO Print. VP6 Pitcairn is the 305th DXCC Entity for UX5UO Print!

The mailing of VP6T, TX6T and TX6T/p QSLs will commence during the second half of March 2012. A full up-date on VP6T QSLing can be found here.

QSLs for all three callsigns are welcomed Direct or via Bureau. There is an excellent Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) on ClubLog. Just put in your callsign and press "Request QSL".

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