VP6T : Pitcairn : The old HF radio station : site of VP6PAC

The old HF radio is soon to be demolished and replaced by a wind-farm to help provide 24 hour power

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The Journey to Pitcairn

Operating TX6T/p from Mangareva (OC-063)

Operating VP6T

VP6T QSL up-date

Bounty Day 2012

The site of the old Pitcairn radio station will eventually be used for a wind farm which will help to supplement the island's currently limited supply of mains electricity. Normally mains electricity is available on Pitcairn only for two short sessions each day and is off at night between 10pm and 8am. Fortunately during our visit the island's diesel generator was being run continuously from 8am to 10pm.
An old transmitter at the Pitcairn HF radio station. The signpost to the Radio Station on the path to the highest point on Pitcairn A Marconi "Transarctic" transmitter. Anyone know what this was for?
A box of pristine VP6PAC QSLs. Loads of cards at the site of the old club station. Sorry, but no logs! A very sad sight indeed: a box of un-opened QSL request letters addressed to VP6PAC - the Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio club.
New Zealand Meteorological Service : Automatic weather station housed within the old radio station. One of the two tri-banders mounted on short poles just outside the old radio station building. Even at that height they'd still work OK!
The well known sign-post at the highest point on Pitcairn. Note Pitcairn's sister islands: Ducie, Henderson and Oeno. The path up to the highest point (1,100ft asl) on Pitcairn
Adamstown is the name of the settlement on Pitcairn Two Norfolk pines dwarf the old radio station building. Look carefully and you can just see two tri-banders at about 5ft high!
The top-seat on Pitcairn : magnificent views out to an empty South Pacific from the highest point on Pitcairn at 1,100ft asl. A tri-beamer perched on a short pole right next to the old radio station on Pitcairn. Any higher and the winds would blow it away!
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