VP6T - Journey to Pitcairn - Jan 2012

Journey to Pitcairn via Tahiti and Mangareva in the Gambier Islands

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Bounty Day 2012

Old Radio Station Pitcairn

Jacques F6BEE, Michel FM5CD, Gilles VE2TZT and Vincent F4BKV at Papeete airport (Tahiti) awaiting the flight to Mangareva in the Gambier Islands, which is the nearest airport to Pitcairn.
A four hour flight from Tahiti brings us to Mangereva in the Gambier Islands (OC-063). This is the nearest airport to Pitcairn. Foto : F4BKV A 45-minute ferry ride takes passengers from the air strip way out in the lagoon to the main town Rikitea on Managreva island.
Our skipper Bernard ferries Jacques F6BEE and Gilles VE2TZT from the harbour in Rikitea to his yacht "Pitcairn" moored off-shore. Pitcairn is some 500km to the South East of Mangareva in the Gambier Islands.
Jacques F6BEE, Michel FM5CD and Gilles VE2TZT on the jetty at Rikitea, Mangareva. Skipper Bernard prepares to hoist the sail on the yacht "Pitcairn" at start of journey. The 50ft yacht was (just by chance) named "Pitcairn" by its original owner in France.
After two calm days and nights at sea, we get our first sighting of the remote island of Pitcairn on the horizon. Foto : Vincent F4BKV On board water bottles identified by callsign suffix: F6BEE, G3TXF, F4BKV and FM5CD.
Jacques with co-skipper Françoise. "Sorry, we haven't got a Pitcairn flag. We'll use a New Zealand flag instead. Hope they don't mind." By the time we arrived off Pitcairn it was already dark. But thanks to careful sailing and GPS a safe mooring was found at Bounty Bay.
The yacht "Pitcairn" moored off Pitcairn as the VP6T team prepares to go ashore. Sunset in calm seas while sailing the 500km from Mangareva in French Polynesia to Pitcairn.
First real glimpse of Pitcairn in the morning as dawn breaks. A silhouetted Gilles VE2TZT takes some souvenir photos. The only place to land on Pitcairn is at the quay in Bounty Bay, next to the building (just visible) used to house the long-boats.
Our host Andrew Christian comes out to meet us while we sail carefully across Bounty Bay As heard on Channel 16 "Pitcairn Radio, Pitcairn Radio, this is sailing yacht Pitcairn calling, over..." Our first QSO with Pitcairn!
DXers don't travel light : nineteen items of (mostly heavy) baggage are landed ashore on the small quay at Bounty Bay, Pitcairn. Jacques F6BEE having his passport stamped at the specially erected "Passport Office" tent. Note the Pitcairn flag.
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