Turks & Caicos - RSGB Commonwealth Contest 2008 : VQ5XF
The Turks & Caicos Islands (VP5) are at the southern end of the Bahamas (C6) and just north of Haiti (HH)/Dominican Republic (HI). G3TXF operated as VQ5XF from the Turks & Caicos Islands for the 2008 RSGB Commonwealth Contest.
1,000 QSOs were made as VQ5XF during BERU and another 500 QSOs as VP5/G3TXF in the afternoon before the Contest.

More details of the background to the Commonwealth Contest [BERU] can be found on Bob G3PJT's website . There is also a write-up of the 2008 Commonwealth Contest and the full BERU 2008 results are on the RSGB HFCC's website. This year there were several 10-station "team" entries including teams from the UK, Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and a "DX Team". The 2008 BERU DX Team was 5B4AGN, 9H3JT, J88DR, P3J, V28CC, V47CD, VP8NO, VQ5XF, VQ9JC and ZC4LI.

VQ5XF was QRV from the well-known Hamlet guest contest/DX-station run by Jody VP5JM on Providenciales island.

Although Turks & Caicos is usually known by its VP5 prefix, in recent years it has also been issuing special callsigns with the VQ5 prefix. However Old Timers will remember VQ5 as being the prefix for Uganda (5X5) prior to independence!

The Hamlet DX guest-station is on the north side of Providenciales island and has a clear ocean take-off to both USA and Europe. Force-12 linear-loaded 80m fixed dipole on short tower, but with a dramatic sea take-off to the North.
Force 12 two-element 40m beam sits above a Force 12 five-band HF beam covering 20m-17m-15m-12m-10m. The Hamlet DX guest-station is in a building which includes accommodation and self-catering facilities. 6m beam on the roof.
American Airlines 757 landing at Providenciales airport. Many international visitors to the Turks & Caicos transit via Miami. Jody VP5JM with canine assistant Lizzie on the veranda of the QTH with a magnificent view of the ocean and Turtle Cove marina.
Jody VP5JM has an A4S beam on a tower at the side of the house. The Turks & Caicos Islands flag still includes the Union Jack Local operator: Cable and Worthless? No working voice-roaming with Vodafone UK!
Boats sailing into Turtle Cove marina harbour entrance as seen from the roof of the Hamlet DX guest-station. The HF tower with the 6m roof mounted tower in the foreground.
G3TXF's equipment (laptop, TS570, MicroHAM, Acom 1010 amp and Palstar HP ATU) only just fits into the operating position! Wall painting depicting the main islands with Providenciales on the left, then North Caicos, Middle Caicos, East Caicos and South C.
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