Visalia DX Convention - Apr 2014
Trailer mounted antenna used by the convention station K6V at Visalia 2014. Wayne KD4POJ displays the wide range of Gennady UX5UO's QSLs. Don G3BJ and Hilary G4JKS in their discretely coloured TX6G Raivavae tee-shirts.
Hilary G4JKS, Don G3XTT, Justin G4TSH, Chris G3SVL, Don G3BJ and Nigel G3TXF gather in their Raivavae TX6G tee-shirts. John W2GD (regularly active in contests as P40W) and Top-band enthusiast Dave AA0RS (formerly G3SZA).
Eric K6VVA and Don G3XTT on their way to the Saturday morning CW Breakfast during Visalia 2014. Appropriately the CW Breakfast (attended by both FOC and CW Ops members) is held in a restaurant whose initial are CW.
Plenty of waffles (and loading of DX woffling) during the well attended CW Breakfast at Visalia 2014.
Arne N7KA and Wayne N7NG during the presentation by the DX Advisory Committee during the Visalia DX Convention. Chris G3SVL and Dick N6AA. During the contest forum N6AA suggested dropping paper certificates. An idea much applauded.
Peter LA7QIA operates regularly from the JW5E club-station in Svalbard as JW7QIA. HF conditions up in Zone 40 can be awful! Steve K6AAB and Craig K9CT. Craig K9CT has provided many DXers with valuable 160m/80m QSOs on several recent DX-peds.
Gordon G3USR, Bob W6RGG and Chris G3SVL during the Saturday BBQ at Visalia 2014. Ralph VE7XF (an excellent suffix!), Don G3XTT and Richard K7BTW in the exhibitors' area at the Visalia DX Convention.
Rick N6XI welcomes attendees to the CW Breakfast held during Visalia 2014. Bob K4UEE's Banquet presentation on FT5ZM included this expenses graphic. Doug K1DG gives a detailed presentation on the progress towards to WRTC-2014.
Three TX6G operators in their bright Raivavae tee-shirts : Don G3XTT, Justin G4TSH and David G3WGN. Bob W9KNI and John K6AM. Bob is a serious participant in the annual CQ Marathon. John often operates as ZF2AM from Cayman.
Frequent DX traveller Rick AI5P with Arne N6HC. Rick is always wearing a tie in the photos on his DX trip QSL cards. Deon ZS1D from Cape Town was the only ZS attending the Visalia DX convention.
A group of Philippine DXers living in the US is planning a major operation from Spratly as DX0P for early in 2015. Glenn K6NA celebrates with bottles of both red and white wine during the 2014 Visalia DX Convention.
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