DX visitors : Oliver W6NV, Jorma OH2KI with Olof G0CKV

November 2011

Oliver W6NV and Jorma OH2KI pass through the UK en route to/from Ascension for their Multi-Single CQWW CW Contest 2011 operation as ZD8W

Oliver W6NV operates as M/W6NV in the LZ-DX Contest, with Olof G0CKV watching in the background. The first QSO with Oliver found in the G3TXF log was with WA6QGW in ARRL-CW in March 70. Oliver W6NV checks through the W6 QSLs in the G3TXF QSL Collection. Several QSLs were found for earlier CQWW operations by Oliver W6NV, including JY7Z in CQWW-SSB in Oct 1986.
Roger G3SXW, Kazu JK3GAD, Jorma OH2KI, Al NH7A/F5VHJ, Oliver W6NV and Olof G0CKV. Oliver W6NV, Al NH7A/F5VHJ, Kazu JK3GAD, Olof G0CKV, Roger G3SXW and Jorma OH2KI in a Weybridge restaurant.
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