Weybridge DXers : Jun 08
Roger G3LQP, Martti OH2BH and Olof G0CKV at G0CKV's Weybridge QTH. The equipment is Olof's twin Icom radio set-up in preparation for the G6XN/p (Wey Valley) entry in the June 08 Field Day. Martti OH2BH presents Olof G0CKV with a CU2A QSL. Lunch down by the River Thames in Weybridge : Nigel G3TXF, Martti OH2BH, Roger G3LQP and Olof G0CKV.
Olof G0CKV with one of the many high-tech gizmos being checked out in preparation for the G6XN/p Field Day operation. Roger G3LQP and Martti OH2BH look through various old OH0 Aland Island cards in the G3TXF QSL Collection.
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